Are you a mechanic or a spare parts distributor? This post is for you, since we will talk about why it is so important to change the water pump and the timing belt at the same time.


What is a timing belt used for?


Timing belts are a key component for any vehicle’s functioning (being timing chains their alternative), since these synchronize the crankshaft and camshaft in response to the opening and closing of the exhaust valves.

Timing belts have two different sides, an internal one that is characterized by being toothed and an external one that is smooth and where the tensioners are supported, which make the belt stay attached, in addition to other elements such as the water pump.

Being largely dependent on the water pump, both components require taking care off and maintenance.



Water pump and timing belt: When should I replace them?


The fact that timing belts and water pumps have such a long service interval makes it easy for users to disattend and underestimate the eventual need for a replacement of these. The dependency between both components arises from the fact that the timing belt usually drives the water pump.

Dolz recommends following the recommendations specified in the car’s owner’s manual, depending on each model, this replacement will be made sooner or later. However, a timing belt’s failure does not necessarily mean that the water pump is in bad condition. Having said this, it is strongly recommended both parts being replaced simultaneously, as per the reasons exhibited bellow. 



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3 reasons to replace the water pump and the timing belt at once


The main three reasons are: their relationship, savings and safe maintaining. Let’s break them down:


1. Relationship between the timing belt and the water pump


Replacing the water pump or the timing belt are two of the most common operations in a workshop. While the water pump is designed as a cooling system component in charge of preventing the engine from overheating, it is driven by the timing belt and it derives its power from the crankshaft of the engine. This means that if the timing belt is in bad condition, the water pump will start to malfunction sooner than later.

On the other side, if the water pump fails independently, the belt will possibly have to be removed first anyway for the water pump to be replaced. This is because in many cases, in order to reach the water pump, the access remains past the timing belt.


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2. Cost and labor savings


A joint replacement of both components will be beneficial to the vehicle’s engine and your pocket. The timing belt and water pump replacement cost is definitely something to catch an eye on.

Not replacing the water pump during a timing belt change means if the pump fails at a later stage, the investment will be close to double. The labor involved in dissembling the engine to access these parts in particular is complicated and time-consuming, and can take from a few hours to a full day of work.

Replacing both at the same time accounts for money and time saving, as much of the preparatory work and chargeable time have already been done. It is also a way of ensuring best maintenance practices and avoiding undetected failures that can result in unexpected and expensive engine repairs.


3. Ensuring a safe maintenance


Making sure the water pump is in optimal conditions is essential to avoid overheating of the engine, even though sometimes the signals might seem out of sight.

Waiting for a water pump to develop a problem is risky. Furthermore, pumps and belts need to be matched at times, and replacement kits are an ideal way to provide degrees of assurance while preventing future engine problems.



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