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The GGT product range is designed with the latest technology guaranteeing the highest quality. We offer more than 1,300 references in water pumps, which allows us to cover more than 97% of the European vehicle fleet. In addition, we also have an extensive range of distribution kits and thermostats, all of them for passenger cars, trucks and industrial vehicles.

We count on a wide experience with almost 90 years manufacturing for the spare parts industry. Currenty, the production is over 5,5 million units per year. This allows us to guarantee the perfect adaptability of our products.

At GGT we know that you do your best for your business, and it‘s not just a good product, you need a professional and agile partner at your disposal, that is why at GGT we give you technical support and professional advice.

GGT products are available on all major cataloguing platforms including TecAlliance (TecDoc) and Sofinn.

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