DOLZ thermostats

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Being one of the worldwide leaders in the spare parts sector, at Industrias Dolz we always seek to continue expanding our range of products using the latest technology.

All our thermostats are integrated thermostats that adjust the flow of coolant towards the radiator, deciding when and how heat is added. Most of our range are map-controlled thermostats and have an electric heater integrated into the sensor. We also have thermostats attached to the water pump.


With an extensive range with more than 60 references and in continuous expansion, these thermostats have been designed following the specifications of the original manufacturers. Offering better service and excellent performance to achieve an optimal vehicle engine temperature.

All thermostats have quality equivalent to origin:

  • Proven reliability. 100% tested. Thermostats are tested in various rigorous resistance and performance processes to ensure the highest reliability.
  • Supreme quality. Product quality inspections and procedures for a complete customer satisfaction. ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate
  • Optimal design for maximum efficiency. Perfect performance by regulating engine temperature, minimizing wear and pollutant emissions.

Industrias Dolz continues to expand its range of products including a key component in the cooling circuit of vehicles: the thermostat. Offering experience and knowledge at your service.

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