Industrias Dolz

Knowledge and experience at your service

With almost 90 years of history, Industrias Dolz, S.A. is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of water pumps for the aftermarket. Dolz has always manufactured only water pumps for cars, trucks and tractors, which enables us to present the longest-standing experience in the market.

We have factories in Spain (Castellón), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and China (Shouzou) and we are one of the few manufacturers that integrate injected aluminum casting, machining and assembly within its plant, where the complete robotization of the process is combined productive with full control and high productivity.

Our goal is to perfect the manufacturing process, eliminating all those phases that may pose a risk to the quality of the product. Dolz produces more than 5.5 million water pumps manufactured in its three plants and has presence in more than 70 countries around the world thanks to strategically located logistics platforms aimed at providing outstanding service.

Mission, Vision and Values of Industrias Dolz

Dolz’s mission is to design, manufacture and deliver water pumps in the spare parts industry with:

  • The highest quality standards.
  • A strong commitment to distribution kits.
  • Expansion to new products for automobiles and industrial vehicles.

With the aim of generating the greatest satisfaction for our clients.


Dolz’s vision is to help design the mobility of the future by providing the solution preferred by our customers in the most efficient and innovative way in the automotive industry.


Our values ​​are defined by:

  • Customer orientation: the relationship with our customers is based on trust and transparency, offering them competitive solutions.
  • The human team: development of skills, knowledge and teamwork, respecting people in a safe environment.
  • Technological innovation: based on the continuous improvement of products, processes and services, integration of new technologies and product differentiation.

Adapting to the environment: flexibility and agility of the human team adapting to the needs and trends of the market.