New-to-Range: Industrias Dolz has released 7 new references across its product portfolio, all of them already available for distributors and workshops, and can be found in the main electronic catalogs such as TecDoc and Sofinn.

The new PN’s allow Dolz to continue the evolution of the market offering professionals solutions for the new applications that arrive at the workshops.


Timing Belt Kits


+5 New part numbers of Timing belt kits (with and without water pump) suitable for: Seat, Volkswagen, Cupra and Toyota applications.

  • +2 Timing belt kits with water pump

    DOLZ KD245 (A250 water pump) and KD298 (A234 water pump)
    GGT KPA20245 (PA12795 water pump) and KPA20298 (PA12750 water pump).

  • +3 Timing belt kits without water pump

    DOLZ references: SKD237, SKD243 and SKD245
    GGT references: KSPA237, KSPA243 and KSPA245.

In line with the increasing e-HYBRID vehicles DOLZ is constantly adding new parts to its range, as the new timing belt kit KD298 suitable for Cupra Formentor 1,4 e-HYBRID.

With a competitive range of timing kits, the DOLZ timing belt kits range contains 300 references covering 90% of European car parc. With all necessary assembly parts (timing belt, tensioners, water pump, screws…) ensuring effective and professional operation.

The main advantages of the Dolz Timing Belt Kits range include:

  • Timing Belt Premium quality; resistant to changes in temperature, water and oil, ensuring optimized durability.
  • Original equivalent bearings (EC 1400/2002) are resistant to temperature changes and motor vibrations. They are manufactured with high quality raw material and grease to guarantee the highest performance and their validation has been carried out following the origin standards.
  • DOLZ water pump is manufactured with a silicon carbide seal. It is designed following the original specifications.


Water pumps


+2 New part numbers of water pumps suitable for: Mercedes-Benz and Porsche applications.

  • DOLZ references: M247 and P506
  • GGT references: PA12767 and PA13335.

DOLZ offers the most experiences water pumps in the aftermarket. The range consists of 1,300+ references for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and trucks, being all Dolz pumps extensively tested in-house.

The main advantages of DOLZ water pumps are:

  • Design according to OE specifications.
  • 95% of the water pumps are manufactured with a silicon carbide seal.
  • Automatized manufacturing process that guarantees an excellent quality.
  • Tightness of all water pumps through rigorous calibration tests.


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About DOLZ


Dolz is a global leader in the automotive aftermarket, manufacturing and distributing cooling and drive system products. Our experience as manufacturers allows us, thanks to an entire in-house manufacturing process, to offer to our customers the best possible level of service.

With innovative technologies, Industry 4.0, and in-house production, we have locations in more than 70 countries around the world and three factories in Spain (Castellón), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and China (Shouzou).

All DOLZ/GGT’s new references are in stock and ready to be shipped. For more information regarding our latest products, please contact our customer service on / (+34) 964 340 038 or contact your Dolz Distributor.