In this post we answer a few common questions about the water pump like what bearings are used in Dolz water pumps, how often do pumps need to be replace or how to effectively diagnose a water pump failure.


Why is the water pump so important for the engine?


The water pump is the heart of the thermal loop, since it forces the coolant flow through the loop, according to the engine requirements. Water pumps can fail, and when they do they put your engine at risk of a severe issue.

Each engine has a water designed to assure the best thermodynamic performance; the water pump performance & dimensions must be under control to ensure the right assembly and cooling to the engine.


How to effectively identify a bad water pump


If you’re concerned about your car’s water pump, there are some common signs to look out for:

  • Leaking coolant: If there are coolant drops on the front of the engine, inspect the vehicle pump properly to trace the source. It could be the gasket or the seal on the water pump shaft.
  • Overheating: This is a serious condition that can be trigged due to a failing water pump. If you notice your engine is overheating it means the heat generated is not being cooled.
  • Squealing/Whining noise: The noise may be an indication of a fault and could be caused by a loose drive belt or a worn-out water pump that is no longer properly functioning.


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Water Pump Questions About Dynamic seal


The dynamic seal is the effective sealing of the water pump. It is one of the critical components of the water pump since it guarantees optimum tightness and durability of the water pump. The main different materials used for the ring are Hard Carbon (HC), Aluminum Oxide or ceramic (Alox) and Silicone Carbide (SiC).

Dolz uses HC/SiC (95% of the DOLZ range includes a Silicon Carbide Dynamic Seal) that guarantees optimum tightness and durability of the water pump.

Considered as the best-balanced solution, and even better than SiC/SiC in terms of friction, noise, and lubrication. Being the only limitation of the HC/SiC type when the cooling system is contaminated. This dynamic seal offers an excellent thermal conductivity and durability.


About impellers


Why Dolz has different types of impellers? vehicle spare part

The impellers manufactured by DOLZ are made from injected plastic, cast iron or aluminum passivated depending on the original OEM design. Besides, depending on the diameter, number and height of the fins, and other specifications, it will determine the type of impeller.

Impellers made of aluminum are more robust in term of mechanical and thermal resistance and have a good behavior against chemical agents, specially when we compare it with steel impellers.


About Spindle bearings


Water pump bearings can support both large axial and radial loads and come in two different types:

  • Ball-Ball” type (Symetric or asymmetric contact/Angular or radial contact) consisting of only balls. It is used to support a high load index for a limited construction space.
  • Ball-Roller” type (re-inforced) always respecting OE design or improved for a better resistance. This design offers a much higher radial load capability of the roller row.


Can my water pump leak be fixed?


As we touched on briefly, coolant leaks from the water pump are a clear sign that it’s time to replace the pump (before it fails completely and causes more components to fail along with it).


How often should I change my vehicle’s water pump?


These questions about the water pump depend on various factors such as mileage, make, model, etc. An automotive water pump can easily last from 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Here at DOLZ we always recommend change the timing belt and flush the coolant when it’s time to replace the water pump to ensure continued consistency of the Timing System.

Always refer to your car’s manual for specific recommendations and follow the original manufacturer’s fitting instructions.


Dolz water pumps: High quality standards


Dolz offers quality water pumps you can trust. With a competitive that covers over 95% of the current European parc.

Main characteristics of the range

  • DOLZ range includes 1300+ references, among which 990 for cars applications & 18% only for Asian applications.
  • 95% coverage of the European car parc.
  • 95% of the DOLZ range includes a Silicon Carbide Dynamic Seal, that guarantees optimum tightness and durability of the water pump.
  • Water pumps designed according to OE specifications.
  • Automatized manufacturing process.

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