Keeping your car in good condition does more than just prevent some issues, it also helps keep your vehicle running smoothly and extend its lifespan. So, a regular vehicle maintenance is the key. You certainly don’t have to be an expert, but the information provided below will allow you to learn about vehicle spare parts and become a more informed driver!



The importance of good vehicle spare parts maintenance


Regular maintenance reduces the probability of a car breakdown and, at the same time, extends the vehicle’s life. If there is no proper maintenance of your car parts they can easily get damaged. This is the main reason why you have to take your vehicle to the proper maintenance and also through the proper servicing, you could diagnose the issues of your vehicle before it causes serious damage. In addition, preventive maintenance is cheaper than carrying out a car repair, so you will also be taking care of your pocket.

Not everything can be repaired. Sometimes, to keep your car or vehicle running you need to replace! Vehicle spare parts can be classified into two groups: repairables and consumables.

A good maintenance involves also to know some consumable parts of the vehicle that must be periodically replaced and besides are not repairable.

Did you know? Vehicles have some commodities that have a specific and limited use and have to be replaced after a certain and easily predictable time. Failure and neglect can cause serious damage and that is why, generally, the replacement period is less than one year. Among the most common consumable parts are the following: engine oil, brake pad, coolant, tire, etc. 

There are different factors that will influence the lifetime of our car parts, like the use and type of driving of the vehicle or the reputation and quality of the spare parts. Therefore, it is important to choose only certified manufacturers with extensive experience.



Some of the most important vehicle spare parts you should know about are:


Battery (and alternator)


The battery is a critical component. It allows your vehicle to turn on providing a jolt of electricity that is needed to power the engine. In a majority of cars, it will be located under the hood, and you can identify it with the (-) and (+) symbols. Acid stratification and low charge are the most common causes of battery failure. 

Meanwhile, the alternator is what keeps the car’s battery charged while the engine is running.And without the battery, your car isn’t going to turn on. So, you may want to keep that in good condition.


Car oil


There are many roles that a car engine oil does, its most important role is lubrication. A car engine contains hundreds of moving metallic parts, which would quickly wear out without oil to lubricate them. If there’s too much friction between two mechanical components, they can lock together and cause the engine to stop running. But, how much engine oil does a car need? The amount of engine oil needed will depend on the size of your car’s engine 

If you suspect that your engine is consuming too much oil, you should take your car to a garage to be checked by a mechanic.



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Car filters


Every car has four main filters: the cabin air filter, oil filter, fuel filter and air filter (engine). The function of all these filters is to enable flows and catch impurities.

You should always choose products that meet the specifications of your vehicle. Incompatible parts will be inefficient and may also fail earlier. It has the same importance when new oil, fuel, or hydraulic filters are being installed, you should always change the corresponding fluid too. Don’t forget it!

Changing your oil and filters will depend on the brand and model of your vehicle, so It’s important to check your owner’s service manual.




Your tires are always in contact with the road and will naturally wear down over time. If the tires are very worn or smooth, it will be necessary to change them, otherwise you may notice slipping when driving, especially in winter, so that can cause you to have an accident. It is important that you pick tyres that are well suited for the conditions that you most regularly drive in. After all, tires are what allow you and your vehicle to roll down the road. Take care of your tires, and they will take care of you.


Timing belt

It is an often overlooked part of the car but it plays an important and essential role. The timing belt (also known as the cambelt) is the car part connecting the crankshaft to the camshaft. It operates in a perfectly synchronised sequence at maximum efficiency of these parts and controls the opening and closing of the engine’s valves. When a timing belt breaks, it causes damage to the valves and piston and can lead to catastrophic engine failure. So, keep an eye on its condition. A replacement on schedule will greatly reduce the chance of a broken timing belt. 

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Water pump



The water pump is vital to the operation of a car engine as it ensures that coolant flows through the cylinder head, radiator, hoses, and cylinder block and maintains the optimum automotive operating temperature. In other words, It is the heart of the engine cooling system.

A poorly designed water pump can cause overheating of the engine. This can be caused by such factors as incorrect tolerances and poor materials. Once the water pump is damaged, it is really important for you to get a new one for replacement so as to ensure the proper working of your car. Quality matters!



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Timing belt kit and water pump, Dolz’s best seller products


Possessing good quality vehicle spare parts can offer several benefits. Some reasons why you should choose a reputable manufacturer are that the spare parts fits properly in your vehicle and have OE specifications, and also the guarantee and quality they can offer to you. So, a quality spare parts and a proper maintenance can improve safety and performance.

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