When buying a timing belt kit there are some questions: Should I replace the water pump at the same time as the timing belt?

The water pump is directly adjacent to the timing belt in most engines. Because getting to the timing belt is such a labor-intensive job, it’s a good idea to take this opportunity to replace the water pump at the same time because of the effort required to get down to either one of these items. Besides, both of these items tend to have a similar lifetime. For this reason, doing this labor-intensive job at the same time is the smart play.

But… What happens If I don’t replace the water pump?

Not replacing all the components during a timing belt change means if the water pump does go at a later point, you will have to pay for the same labour twice because probably the water pump has worn out because of use anyway, and will need replacing sooner than later.

That’s why at Industrias Dolz we always recommend to get both, the timing belt and the water pump, replaced at the same time.

The advantage of this dual replacement is to offer the best long-lasting repair while preventing risks of engine breakage. And last, but not least, more savings for your pocket.

Let’s see below this three things to consider when choosing a timing belt and water pump replacement:

  • Half of interventions: the vehicle is immobilized less times.
  • Savings for the end user (On average, 5 hours of labor less)
  • Better repair, since each component of the timing belt system is replaced at the same time.



How to choose the right timing belt set for your car


First and foremost, do your research. There are some key features that increase the likelihood of your new timing belt kit becoming a successful choice.

Don’t hesitate, choose an all-inclusive kit. It’s better to know that your timing belt kit contains all components you need for the replacement. Not just the timing belt itself.

Another factor to consider before ordering is the part number. Make sure the kit is the correct one and it fits with your vehicle.



Aspects to consider when choosing a timing belt kit


A new timing belt kit gives you peace of mind that your vehicle will run optimally for a long time. For that, there are some aspects you should closely look at to make sure you have an excellent result. With the proper parts, your engine will last for many years.

Below are some of the most important points you should consider before choosing a timing belt kit.




Experience and capabilities are two important aspects to consider when choosing the right manufacturer of your timing belt kit.

It’s important also that they have the expertise for your specific product. And also other additional supports as technical specifications of the product to identify exactly how the item(s) should turn out, comfort guarantee and quality.

So, as you can see, a manufacturer with years of history can offer you backed by a wide knowledge and many years of experience.




The quality of the raw materials used in manufacturing distribution kits will be vital for its lifetime, providing extended durability and proper performance. The manufacturer must ensure the materials are acceptable for use because if the products are manufactured with low-quality, they will not stand up and you won’t get the expected result.

Dolz are committed to quality! Let’s see below:

  • WATER PUMPS are designed according to OE specifications.
  • 95% of the range is manufactured with Silicon Carbide Dynamic Seal, that guarantees its optimum tightness and durability. Also, an automatized manufacturing process that guarantees excellent quality.
  • At Industrias Dolz, we are one of the few manufacturers who have die-cast aluminum.
  • TIMING BELT always premium OE quality.
  • Resist temperature variation, water and oil. And optimized lifetime.
  • IDLERS resist temperature variation and vibrations of the engine environment.
  • Usage of high-quality raw materials and grease to ensure efficiency. Besides, tested under the same conditions as per OE specifications.


Original Equipment Parts (OE)


In terms of quality, OE parts are beneficial to the performance of a vehicle.

Premium OE quality components are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards to perform according to OE vehicle manufacturer intended.

Non-genuine components do not have the same performance guarantees and as a result, due to a low quality the replacement of the elements will take place multiple times over the lifespan of OE quality parts. 

For this reason, at Industrias Dolz we make several inspections at various stages during the OE quality manufacturing process to ensure that our products always meet specifications.


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Discover Dolz’s timing belt kit


DOLZ’s range of timing belt kits is now available with and without water pumps. Each Dolz kit includes all the components required for the replacement: water pump and gasket when necessary, OE supplier timing belt, idlers and tensioners matching OE standards, and all components required for the mounting (screws, bolts, and mounting tips when needed). 

Knowledge and experience at your service. With more than 200 distribution kits representing top sales in Europe and a wide range offering 90% coverage of the European fleet.


With Dolz Kits, you will find two options available: All-include kits with water pump (KD) and the option without water pump (SKD). Both options are manufactured to the same specifications as OE and are guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase or 50.000 km

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Dolz kits include all what you deserve.

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