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The pump market is evolving towards the sale of all components that need to be replaced during repair. For this reason, the timing kits include the timing belt, the water pump, as well as the rollers and screws required for assembly. However, there is also the possibility of getting the kits without a water pump.

All the components of the distribution kit, including the water pump, are very important for the proper functioning of the engine and the cooling circuit of any vehicle.

With an extensive range made up of more than 200 references, specifically more than 120 references of distribution kits with water pump and over 110 of distribution kits without pump, these cover more than 90% of vehicle sales in the European market. Each kit contains everything necessary for assembly: pump with gasket when necessary, timing belt, bearings and screws. All kits have a quality equivalent to origin:

  • Timing belt Premium quality; resistant to changes in temperature, water and oil, ensuring optimized durability.
  • Original equivalent bearings (EC 1400/2002) are resistant to temperature changes and motor vibrations. They are manufactured with high quality raw material and grease to guarantee the highest performance and their validation has been carried out following the origin standards.
  • The DOLZ water pump is manufactured with a silicon carbide seal. It is designed following the original specifications and its manufacturing is robotized, thus guaranteeing excellent quality.

Industrias Dolz will continue to expand its range of distribution kits to maintain and increase its coverage. The sales stands include the catalogue, a range brochure, a poster, as well as the assembly video.

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