DOLZ offers a selection of water pumps valid for Volkswagen Group vehicle models, that is, Audi, Seat, Škoda & Volkswagen brands with the possibility of being purchased with or without back housing.

These water pumps have an outer shell that encases the water pump, the back housing, which incorporate the thermostat and the temperature sensor, precisely directing the coolant flow.

During fitting, some things must be considered so that the assembly is carried out professionally and thus avoid future breakdowns. Therefore, in today’s article we learn about best practices and see in detail an overview of the DOLZ water pump with back housing range for Audi, Seat, Škoda and Volkswagen applications.



Best installation practices for water pump housing Audi, Seat, Škoda & Volkswagen:


The lifespan of this component arose depends on the maintenance that we will carry out on the complete cooling system, including the water pump and its associated elements, also the quality and choice of the coolant, and it stood out from the fact that the pump was assembled in effective way.

In many cases, the failure of these water pumps is due to errors during the installation process and not due to the quality of the component itself. For this reason, the key points during assembly that we consider essential are:


  • The seal must never be oiled, otherwise the function of separating the “wet” and “dry” zones of the water pump will not work correctly and it will contaminate it, considerably reducing its lifespan.
  • Avoid the use of additional sealant. From DOLZ we always inform that the use of sealant is only necessary in those references supplied without a gasket.
  • Observe the specifications for tightening, sequence of tightening and recommended tightening torque values. It is essential to follow the correct order of screwing in the bolts and the tightening torque so that the water pump does not suffer a breakage.
  • Last but not least, these pumps are supplied with a yellow rubber protective cup over the pulley ventilation wings. It is essential that this protective cup is only removed after assembly has been completed.



DOLZ water pump back housing range summary


Our water pump with/without housing range from Audi, Seat, Škoda & Volkswagen includes the following part numbers:


WITHOUT housing WITH housing OE numbers
A221 A232 06J121026B – 06J121026G – 06H121026G
A231 A282TM 06H121026AG – 06H121026BF – 06H121026CC
A231 A282TP 06H121026AG – 06H121026BF – 06H121026CC
A243 A244 06H121026BA – 06H121026CF – 06H121026CQ
A233 A281 06K121011B – 06L121005A – 06L121011B
A259CN A260CN 04E121600R – 04E121600AN – 04E121600BK
A259CN A264 04E121600BA – 04E121600CG – 04E121600BP
A234 A235 04E121600AD – 04E121600AR – 04E121600BE
A234 A239 04E121600P – 04E121600AH – 04E121600AF
A234 A247 04E121600AQ – 04E121600AG – 04E121600BG
A234 A248 04E121600AM – 04E121600BC – 04E121600BJ
A234 A262 04E121600AL – 04E121600BD – 04E121600CB
A237 A238 04E121004F – 04E121004J – 04C121600J


Among them, we highlight A282TM water pump, whose back housing is metallic, which means greater resistant to cracking and a lower chance of breakage.

Also noteworthy, A281 water pump with an auxiliary belt and a thermal management module integrated, managing to reach the optimal operating temperature in a short period of time and with high precision.


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water pump housing


Dolz provides a comprehensive solution by supplying with each water pump all the necessary components for mounting (gasket, cover anchor bolts, etc.) ensuring that proper operation is achieved, minimizing the possibility of breakdown and wear after replacement.

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