The following article puts a special focus on a type of water pumps, which have an outer shell that encases the water pump called back housing and, as the name suggests, houses some other parts. Keep reading to know the DOLZ summary range, its different applications, and its particularities.

Some water pumps, depending on the vehicle application, may or may not have a back housing. This component is independent of the water pump. Always located on the opposite side of the impeller, its main function is to house the thermostats and accurately regulate the coolant flow. The housing may be made of different materials, generally being plastic or aluminum, depending on the vehicle’s manufacturer.

These covers have a weep hole, just a few millimeters in diameter, whose function is to drain any coolant leakage that may occur due to a faulty seal. In addition, they serve as a connection point between the engine and the upper radiator hose.

Among its main benefits we find:

  • Higher engine efficiency.
  • Lower fuel consumption and decrease in CO2 emissions.
  • Energy saving.


DOLZ range summary


Don’t miss it. Our range of water pumps with and without back housing suitable for Audi, Seat, Škoda & Volkswagen. All of them manufactured with an optimized design that ensure cooling at high RPM’s.

About our range, we highlight A282TM water pump, whose back housing is metallic which is more resistant to cracking and possible breakage.

Also noteworthy, A281 water pump with an auxiliary belt and a thermal management module integrated. This module enables the optimal operating temperature in a short period of time and with high precision.

The entire range is supplied with all components required for its correct assembly: water pump, gasket, cover anchor bolts, etc.

The complete range consists of


water pumps water pumps 2


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Dolz, your safety choice.


DOLZ Water Pumps comply with all current regulations for adaptability and functionality regarding OEMs.

At Industrias Dolz we always recommend the replacement of all the elements that intervene in the distribution of the engine at the same time. Replacing the water pump and timing belt will improve the performance of this operation in both quality and safety. The fact is, by performing the replacement at the same time, the parts are better coupled to each other from the beginning and the water pump bearings do not weaken so easily.

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