Your car’s water pump is a very important part of its cooling system. With a failing water pump, your car can be severely damaged by overheating. Your car’s water pump cannot last forever, and it can become unusable if damaged. If this happens, it is significant to replace it as soon as possible to prevent much more damage to your vehicle.

The water pump is responsible for moving water from the radiator through the engine and back. Your car must have a constant flow of coolant from the radiator throughout the engine to keep it cool and at optimum temperature. If the water pump is working properly, your car will maintain a constant operating temperature, and it will run smoothly and get you wherever you want with ease. When signs of a bad water pump in your vehicle appear, it can lead to a host of serious engine problems. 


6 signs your water pump is failing ​


The water pump is the reason your engine stays cool and your cooling system works well. However, a faulty or damaged water pump can be disastrous for your car. Then, how to know if a water pump is bad? Don’t worry, there are several water pump symptoms that you can quickly diagnose.


1. Coolant Leak


The water pump has several gaskets that can be damaged or worn out over time. In this case, coolant may leak out and drip under the vehicle. If you notice coolant (in most cases green or red liquid) under the center front of your vehicle, it’s time to check the water pump.



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2. Engine Overheating


The main purpose of a water pump in its life is to run coolant through an engine to cool it down. If the water pump cannot do this, the engine may overheat. Regardless of the cause, engine overheating is not a problem to be solved. Heat problems can cause problems such as cracked cylinder heads, burnt pistons, and damaged head gaskets.


3. High Pitched, Harmonic Whining Noises


Pulley placement problems often manifest as a high-pitched sound coming from the front of the vehicle. This is because a weakened pulley can create a whirring or howling sound at a fairly high pitch when pulled by the pump. This is usually caused by improper pulley placement or bearing problems inside the pump. Unfortunately, once the bearings in the pump wear out, this is the end of the road for the part, and you will need to look for a replacement water pump.


4. Water Pump Rust and Corrosion


In many cases, contaminated coolant can cause corrosion of the impeller. And it can also generate rust when the pressure plug is bad and causes bubbles. This will cause the pump to be ineffective in moving the coolant and lead to added damage to all of the cooling system components and may completely damage the vehicle’s engine. Therefore, this is something that we should not overlook.


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5. Steam comes out from under your hood


Finally, if you notice steam coming from the front of the engine when driving or stopping, this is an instant sign of the engine overheating. As discussed above, the engine will maintain a constant temperature when the water pump works properly and supplies coolant to a working radiator. If you notice steam that is coming from the front of the engine, you should move to a safe place and contact a mechanic as soon as possible. Never drive a car with an overheated engine.


6. Holes or leakage system on the dry side of the water pump


Last but not least, you can see the holes in the water pump due to the formation of bubbles at the coolant inlet of the pump. The pressure increases and the bubbles implode and cause harm. Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, your water pump will become obsolete. And over time, the outer seals begin to break and deteriorate. If car owners even check the dry side of the water pump, there could be holes. And this is one of the signs of a bad water pump. For this reason, drivers should take their car to a mechanic as quickly as possible.


Why is it important to replace a failing car water pump?


The combustion that takes place inside an engine subjects the mechanical parts to very high temperatures, and the water pump is precisely the essential part for the cooling circuit to carry out its function. It goes without saying that when replacing the timing belt, the water pump also deserves special attention.



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So do not hesitate, and periodically check the proper functioning of your water pump, as it is especially important for the life of your engine and, therefore, of your vehicle.


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