For over 90 years supplying water pumps for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, Industrias Dolz is considered one of the most competitive manufacturers and distributors in the aftermarket.

Dolz supplies water pumps for a wide variety of commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles, including the most common applications on the European market. This means that it reaches a wide range of markets and applications, with more than 400 PN’s that cover more than 80% of the fleet of industrial vehicles in Europe.


Industrial applications. Enjoy a great coverage!


Dolz’s longevity has resulted in a wide range of industrial vehicles applications. This includes:

  • Truck
  • 4×4 | 4×5 | 4×6 | 4×7 | 4×8 | 4×9
  • Light Commercial Vehicle
  • Tractors
  • Falk lifts
  • Industrial engines
  • Marine Applications


The importance of the water pump in commercial and industrial vehicles


Industrial vehicles such as trucks, tractors, light commercial vehicles, etc. are exposed to more demanding conditions of use than those to which passenger cars are subjected. Its components must provide maximum performance throughout their whole life cycle, which is generally longer than passenger cars.

Therefore, having a cooling system in perfect condition is also key in this type of vehicle. Among the most essential functions of the cooling system are the need to quickly warm up the engine when it is cold, control excess heat and maintain the optimum temperature for the proper operation of the engine.

Due to the extensive mileage or the work that some of these vehicles exert, it is essential that the heart of their cooling system, that is the water pump, works perfectly.

Dolz water pumps combine excellent certified quality, equivalent to Original Equipment, with maximum standards and reliability, for optimal performance of the vehicle’s cooling system.

Our commitment to service, quality and innovation of our products has been refined for decades, which is why we are recognized as one of the leaders in the manufacture of water pumps of the highest quality.


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Dolz e-Catalog


Not sure which water pump is appropiate for your application?

On our website it is possible to consult our complete selection of products. Thanks to the updated Dolz catalog with the possibility of searching by part number or brand, easy-to-use and with individual downloadable product data sheets. 

Visit our digital catalog, key in the vehicle brand, vehicle model or OE number of the part. The online catalog quickly finds the suitable water pump for your vehicle. Check out our full selection of products online 

In addition, Dolz has presence in the electronic catalog TecDoc (TecAlliance) and has the seal of quality: Certified Data Supplier for excellent data quality.


Dolz recommends…


Checking the water pump should be considered an integral part of any regular maintenance routine for the vehicle, whether it is a passenger car or industrial vehicle, and should be performed regardless of whether or not a problem has occurred. In this way, your vehicle will maintain the correct cooling that it needs.


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