Every component and part inside a vehicle is of absolute importance, otherwise, it wouldn’t be there. The water pump follows that same philosophy. It is essential for the smooth running of a car, and without it, you can’t expect the engine to work at all. If the heart of your vehicle is unhealthy, you can’t expect the rest of it to properly work. The water pump gives your car the ability to function normally, and it allows you to drive without suffering any overheating issues.


Particularities of an automotive electric water pump 


An electric water pump performs a very important job in your car. It helps move the coolant from the radiator to all the necessary parts in the powertrain. By utilizing a controller, it can determine how much coolant circulates through the engine at given temperature ranges and maintain a target temperature. The coolant cools down the engine allowing it to run smoothly and live longer. But, If the water pump fails, the engine produces excess heat, which sometimes results in irreparable damage.


How It Works?


But how does a water pump help? The pump works by pushing coolant inside the engine and absorbing its heat. The hot coolant then goes into the radiator where it cools off and recirculates back into the engine.

An electric water pump uses a motor to send coolant from the cooling system to the engine internals. The system engages once the powertrain starts to overheat. The ECU receives the signal, and it initiates the water pump. On the other hand, conventional pumps, sometimes referred to as mechanical water pumps, use the engine’s torque that drives a belt and pulley system. The harder the engine works, the faster the coolant is pumped. The liquid travels from the radiator to the engine block, then to the cylinder heads, and finally back to its origin.

The water pump is also connected with the cooling fan and the HVAC system. The fan aids in cooling the hot liquid while the HVAC system uses it in case the heater is on inside the car.


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Main Benefits of an Electric Water Pump 


The electric water pump truly is a lifesaver when it comes to your vehicle’s engine. But how important is it, and how many benefits does it provide? Let’s find out.

1 Pressurized Flow

The electric water pump has an edge over its mechanical counterpart. The latter works with the help of the crankshaft, which means it is dependent on engine speed. The former has an electric motor backing it up, so the coolant pressure is high at all times, and you get powerful coolant delivery into the various parts of the engine. This feature allows the system to cool down better and faster.

  1. Consumes Less Energy

An electric water pump uses up a small amount of energy to function. It takes the 12V output from the car and performs a highly important service to the vehicle. Also, there is not a lot of energy loss when we use an electric pump. The constant power results in an uninterruptible supply of coolant to the engine. The mechanical pump, on the other hand, extracts energy from the crankshaft which is then transferred onto the belt and pulley system and finally onto the pump. The true power from the crankshaft is never fully transferred to the water pump.

  1. They Have Less Friction

Mechanical water pumps have several moving parts, resulting in friction and the production of more heat inside the engine bay. The idea is to reduce the amount of friction, and an electric water pump helps do that in the best way possible. The water pump motor runs efficiently and only when it is ordered. Otherwise, it stays dormant and ready. The electric pump also has lesser moving parts, and it comes in ideal packaging, which saves space and reduces friction.


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Dolz, Supplier of original water pumps


If you are looking for the best supplier to get an electric water pump, no one is better than Industrias Dolz. The brand specializes in making high-quality automotive electric water pumps that are durable and last long. They produce around 5.5 million units of water pumps each year, which is only possible thanks to their robotized manufacturing plant. Furthermore, that also means that Dolz ensures the highest standards of quality that you won’t find anywhere else.


Final Thoughts  


The use of auxiliary and electric water pumps is rising, and the trend suggests that the demand will increase even further in the future. The time to invest is now! You should get you water pump as soon as possible because that’s what we would do.