Boosting a vehicle’s performance involves responsible usage and maintenance. This includes consulting expert knowledge regarding best practices and buying spares from the right dealer. Due to the variety of replacement parts available in the automotive market, choosing the right partner can be rather challenging.

Aftermarket vehicle spares are a cost-efficient option, provided that they proof to be compatible and suitable for a specific model. This post is designed to help you understand why Industrias Dolz is your best option when it comes to car replacements. Keep on reading to discover why!


1. One of the 2 IAM leaders in Europe


Choosing dealer that has been in the industry for long and that has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the years is the first step to making the right choice. Dolz’s history dates back to 1934, when it was founded as a repairer of water pumps. 

Today, with almost 90 years of history, Dolz has become one of the leaders in the manufacturing of water pumps for passenger and industrial vehicles, and  and offering to the market also distribution kits and thermostats. 

With factories in three different continents and presence in more than 70 countries around the globe, Dolz holds a strong reputation and a pioneering position in the European market.


2. In-house production and its importance for auto parts


The automotive and industrial sector is facing an uncertain outlook in global production, due to shortages and supply-chain disruptions that have been accentuated after the COVID-19 crisis. By having an entirely in-house manufacturing system from end to end, Dolz guarantees production capacity and continuity.

This allows for reduced lead times and fast delivery times, ensuring flexibility and a customer-oriented manufacturing strategy. Furthermore, it enables Dolz to have full control over production and effectively react to market trends and changes. 

Having implemented an ‘all under one roof’ production strategy, Dolz guarantees total quality in all products. Every process goes through quality audits, while increased cost-efficiency in production allows for greater investment in technology and innovation. 


3. Sharp technology and automated, robotic processes


Industrial robotics, through robots and CNC machines, is allowing the development of automated solutions that improve and increase productivity. Dolz achieves manufacturing optimization by providing its customers with high-tech solutions. 

Ultimate solutions at Dolz allow for the automatization of complex and repetitive tasks that involve a high degree of risk. 

Moreover, Dolz’s 4.0 machining and assembly processes, besides being capable of selecting workpieces upon its production standard, they secure original equipment specifications and increase both agility and flexibility for an optimal production. 


4. Highest-quality raw materials and uses in all of its product lines


Investments in technology allow Dolz to eliminate any phases that jeopardize product quality. But beyond this, the choice and use of materials is of utmost importance for product applications. Aluminum alloys are used in injected casting for the production of water pumps, for instance.

Its low density and high corrosion resistance make performance and durability of the Dolz water pump flawless. In addition to its lightness, the fact that it is an indefinitely recyclable material, securing its quality, stands out.


5. Additional Supports


Digital transformation is nowadays essential to maximize value creation for clients and collaborators. Offering new sales channels and platforms for potential and existent products has allowed Dolz to offer personalized content and information of great usefulness.

Dolz has created an arrange of video tutorials, interactive e-Catalogues and blog posts to guide users in the process of considering, buying and receiving professional assistance throughout the whole after sales phase.



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6. Granted ISO certifications and OE quality standards


Dolz facilities in all countries are fully ISO certified. It has been granted with the ISO 14001:2015 standard for its new plant in Spain. In addition, Dolz China also owns an IATF certification and a high-tech enterprise certificate.

Dolz’s pioneering and automated manufacturing system allows it to guarantee optimum quality and OE compliance in all of its car parts. With less than a 0.05% of guarantee rate in terms of returns, choosing Dolz will allow you to focus on preventive maintenance while requiring far less replacements.


7. Vast range of product lines and vehicle part numbers


In recent years, Industrias Dolz’s offer has evolved from business strategy to a multi-product transformation, being able to expand its range and introduce new product lines.  

Showcasing a catalogue of over 1300 water pump references and many more automotive spare parts, Dolz ended 2021 with the incorporation of more than 140 new part numbers and two new product lines.

At the end of 2021, these included:

  • 71 new references for water pumps.
  • 41 new references for timing belt kits.
  • 10 new references for timing chain kits.
  • 18 new references for thermostats.



8. Most honest and competitive prices in the aftermarket 


Dolz’s arrangement of vehicle replacements will smoothly adapt to your most demanding needs at an unbeatable quality-price ratio. Soaring prices in raw materials and industrial goods have impacted product offer in the automotive sector. 

Dolz remains stable in its prices and advocates for a transparent relationship with its partners.



Dolz, your trusted spare parts supplier


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