When it comes to picking the right water pump brand, there are a few criteria to help companies to find a reliable, efficient supplier. Find out in our short guide about the top 10 questions to ask to find the best water pump brand.



Why is it important to choose the right water pump brand?


When it comes to picking a water pump brand, it’s important to notice not all water pumps are made equal. 

As such, a reliable company translates into a reliable supply of high-quality water pumps that: 

  • Are made with premium materials and components, and through quality production processes 
  • Presents the maximum durability 
  • Minimizes maintenance issues and needs



What should you look at when looking for a water pump brand?


1. Are water pumps their main focus?


When a company specializes in a particular product and those related to it, it’s likely to provide a higher quality, as their main processes and resources are aimed at said product. 


2. Does the company offer water pumps that include all the necessary accessories?


For water pumps to work properly, there are some elements that should not be overlooked, such as the need to include a gasket for its correct installation or the indications and technical specifications in its replacement process. For this reason, a trusted brand of water pumps will always supply the water pump together with the gasket, if necessary, screws if required and will deliver it with the assembly instructions.


3. Do they have an in-house manufacturing process?


In-house manufacturing provides an extra guarantee for brands to be able to meet established timelines.

At the same time, in-house production of water pumps may also be a mark for strict quality controls, as the company is able to monitor performance and results and apply the needed changes in a flexible manner. 


4. Do they invest in innovation?


While water pumps have been around for a while now, the possibilities for enhancing their functioning and efficiency evolve as new materials and processes are made viable. Picking the right water pump brand means looking at their R&D department and seeing tangible examples of innovation in their production, as well as their adaptation to the 4.0 Industry.


5. Does the brand have good customer service?


A good customer service implies the company is ready to accommodate the needs and requirements of their clients, but also can provide guidance in terms of operation, maintenance, or replacement of parts. 


6. Do they offer a guarantee?


First things first, a high-quality water pump brand will provide a durable and reliable system. However, they’re also able to offer a guarantee for their products and can provide a realistic life expectancy around their water pumps. 


7. What is their experience?


Long-running experience in manufacturing means a water pump brand has been able to meet client expectations as well as collect insight on the best manufacturing methods. 

Additionally, a long experience is also typically a synonym of enhanced support for clients, translating into helpful tips on how to install a water pump or how to find out when a water pump needs to be changed, along with other useful advice.


8. Can they offer client testimonials?


Positive client testimonials can provide insight into how well a water pump brand adjusts to company needs: you can search for online reviews or ask directly for testimonials or referrals in order to find out about their past services.


9. Do they have any certifications? Do they perform any equipment testing?


Having complied with ISO 9001 quality standards and ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification is often a sign that a water pump brand takes measures to guarantee premium quality in their equipment. 

Other proof might involve the performance of water pump leakage tests, guaranteeing that their equipment is sealed doesn’t leak under proper working conditions.


10. What are their installations like?


The best water pump brand will typically have investment in comprehensive production installations in order to provide a reliable supply to their clients. 


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Dolz, your trusted water pump brand


Industrias Dolz is a Europe-based water pump brand specializing in the production of water pumps that are innovative, efficient, reliable and sustainable. 

Capable of offering a worldwide supply, we offer a wide range of water pumps and water pump kits to meet different technical requirements all by employing the highest-possible materials. As such, we’re able to provide:

  • In-house production for guaranteed continuity. This makes Industrias Dolz At one of the few companies in the sector presenting an entire in-house manufacturing process end to end.
  • Experience. Industrias Dolz’s journey as a water pump brand started 90 years ago. With more than 5.5 million units manufactured every year, we provide our clients an unparalleled expertise.
  • Regulation. We follow the most demanding quality standards, including the ISO certifications mentioned above. Being all our products equivalent to OE Quality (art. 1 Block Exemption Regulation EC 1400/2002).
  • Extensive catalog. Our product catalog includes more than 1,300 PN’s for automobiles and industrial vehicles. This means our production covers 97% of the European vehicle fleet and 80% of the truck fleet.
  • Innovation. Our R&D department is able to develop more than 50 new references each year, guaranteeing Industrias Dolz remain market leaders.

Learn more about our reputation as a reliable, global water pump brand and discover how we can help you access the best water pumps.