Recently at Industrias Dolz we have experienced great changes and we have wanted to capture all of this in a new company video to show more about ourselves, our way of working and about the people behind the company and who make our business possible. day to day.

Behind a car component there is much more than a simple part, there is a great effort and commitment to provide it with the highest quality.

The result is the commitment to new technologies. We are committed to automation and robotization to provide more competitive solutions to the market and make our mission possible, which is to design the mobility of the future by providing the preferred solution for our customers in the most efficient and innovative way in the automotive industry, protecting the environment. 

These advances have also allowed us to diversify our product ranges, which is now complemented by Thermostats and Timing Chain Kits, which are added to the Water Pumps and Timing Belt Kits.

All of this is possible because we believe in constant innovation and teamwork to remain the worldwide leader in the manufacture of spare parts for the aftermarket. We have three factories in Spain (Castellón), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and China (Shouzou) and we have delegation also in Argentina, Mexico, China, Poland and Spain that allow us to reach more than 70 countries around the world.

Our knowledge of nearly 90 years in the aftermarket industry and the firm commitment to quality and safety allow us to continue growing together with our customers, suppliers and partners.

We want to share our accomplishments with you. WE ARE DOLZ #Yeswehave