Industrias Dolz has been manufacturing water pumps for passenger cars and industrial vehicles for almost the last 90 years. The experience in the water pump manufacturing process positions us as one of the Market Leaders.

As one of the few manufacturers in the world that integrate aluminium die casting, machining and assembly within its plant, DOLZ ensures full control over the production process.

This, together with continuous investments in quality and innovation, has been one of the key points to creating a unique competitive advantage in the spare parts industry.


Dolz’s water pump manufacturing process


Our new plant model in Spain has been created to absorb the most out of industry 4.0 and adapt revolutionary technologies. This plant, inaugurated in 2018, has new and modern machinery such as ovens, injectors, robots and machining centres.

It consists of 5 in-house essential manufacturing stages, all of them integrated at Dolz’s facilities to ensure a smooth and sophisticated production process. 

Therefore, the objective is to perfect the manufacturing process. In this way, all those phases that may pose a risk to the quality of the product are eliminated.

Let’s see then what are the different production processes:


Stage 1: Smelting process


The production process at DOLZ enables a 24-hour active casting phase. One of its main differentiation points from other manufacturers of automotive spare parts is that Dolz’s factory is one of the few that integrates the casting process in its own facilities.

In this first stage, it is where the own smelting of aluminum necessary for the manufacture takes place and that later will be injected into the molds. The aluminum casting system means that our production capacity covers internal manufacturing needs, a figure that exceeds 15,000 units per day.

Our in-house production model allows flexibility, rapid response to customer needs, sophisticated and thorough quality control, and consequent cost savings that allow us to invest even more in research and innovation.


Stage 2: Injection process


The injection process at DOLZ is 100% automated and robotised, allowing us to accurately and effectively eliminate any risks posed at the quality of the final product.

The aluminum is injected into the molds to obtain the raw cast iron, that is, the casing of the water pump, producing up to 100,000 pieces per week in our production plant in Spain.

The machinery used allows the injection stage to be much more sustainable, being completely efficient and reducing the amount of scrap, while enabling recycling of the material itself.


Stage 3: Machining process


As for machining, this process has highly efficient robotization mechanisms and precision machinery that guarantee OEM standards in all pump works.

With an uninterrupted period of operation, 24-hour functioning period, this process allows greater flexibility and agility, in order to respond to increasing specific and individualized needs.


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Stage 4: Assembly process


The assembly process also has automated lines to maximize efficiency in series with more than 3,000 pieces, and it also has a large capacity, being able to produce up to 100,000 pieces per week.

Quality control is essential for the resulting quality standards of water pumps. This process ensures the correct tightening in the assembly of each component, with automatic presses in place to accurately control pressure during the assembly.

As well as tightness control of all the water pumps manufactured by Industrias DOLZ that is checked in an automatic calibrated machine, which is in charge of detecting possible leaks.


Stage 5: Stock management


With more than half a million water pumps in stock, an efficient stock management is necessary to lower production costs and to ensure low delivery times on orders placed.

With two-stage picking, all parts have RFID frequency identification in place. An automated stock management ensures efficient delivery throughout Europe, with major logistics centers in Spain, Poland, Mexico, Argentina and China.

Flexibility is also at the core of Dolz’s stock management, with the ability to customize finished products in response to individual customer needs.


Dolz, without limits


At Industrias Dolz we guarantee the quality of our products through the different phases of their production. Our extensive experience as manufacturers of water pumps together with the constant improvement and innovation of our production processes allows us to ensure the perfect adaptability of our products.

In this way, we ensure that the water pumps comply with all existing regulations for adaptability and functionality, always equivalent to OE Quality (art. 1 EC Category Exemption Regulation 1400/2002).

waterpump manufacturing process