The trucking industry is quite vast and so are its needs. However, you need to choose and pick the finest suppliers of the lorry spare parts by considering some important aspects as the expertise of the manufacturers who made them and the quality.

In today’s article we focus on the keys that will extend the service life of your spares, enhancing performance and durability.


Does quality matters for lorry spare parts?


First, it is essential to know that spare parts play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and proper performance of equipment. Reliable spare parts can help to increase fuel efficiency. This means you will save on fuel costs over time and quickly offset the upgrade cost.

In order to prevent potential failures and prolong the lifespan of the equipment it is always necessary for you to try and maintain your lorry in good condition. Regular replacement of worn or damaged parts can prevent potential accidents and prolong the lifespan of the vehicle.

One of the key reasons for always choosing quality lorry spare parts is because the failure of the lorry lead to high costs for the driver or the company. So, there are certain considerations that should be taken into account when it comes to purchasing spare parts:

  • Compatibility: Placing a faulty part number in a lorry can cause damage to other components. That’s why the component should be compatible with the application and handle the load capacity it requires. This includes checking the size, weight, and other specifications of the part to ensure it will fit and work properly.
  • Quality: When buying lorry spare parts, one of the mistakes is sacrificing optimum truck performance and safety for a modest price difference. Spare parts should always meet industry standards and specifications to ensure a longer lifespan and the best possible performance.
    By buying OE equivalent quality replacements for your lorry, you are ensuring that it will be designed to fit exactly as it should. The manufacturer will meet the required specifications and have been rigorously tested.
  • Warranty: The warranty should be one of the most important factors to consider when making a purchase decision. The spare part should come always with a warranty, giving the customer peace of mind and protection against any potential defects or issues. Its purpose is to protect you, the purchaser, from receiving an item that contains a manufacturing flaw.

Furthermore, never underestimate the importance of customer service when buying any type of product. A good customer service implies the company is ready to accommodate the needs and requirements of their clients, but also can provide guidance in terms of operation, maintenance, or replacement of parts.


What is the importance of lorry maintenance?


Carrying out truck maintenance is vital for several reasons and should never be underestimated.

  • It will save you money improving truck’s fuel efficiency.
  • It helps to keep your truck in good working condition. This means that you can avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs. (A well-kept vehicle will last longer.)
  • It can help you avoid safety hazards. The most important reason for having a truck maintained is safety.


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DOLZ water pumps for industrial vehicles


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