Continuing to expand upon its timing chain kit offerings, DOLZ is launching new part numbers for Smart applications: SKCM018, SKCM018C, SKCM047 y SKCM047V.

We launched our timing chain kits in 2021 and since that moment continue our range extension providing a high coverage of the European market offering a full range that already exceeds 80 PN’s, all of them available for distributors and workshops. Full kits that include all the necessary components to carry out a more efficient replacement, in just one single operation and to ensure the perfect coupling of the elements.

Manufactured to be equivalent to OE quality specifications.

Certifies according to the Quality Management System (SGC) ISO 9001:2015, Dolz Timing Chain kits are designed to cope with the parameters required by modern engine designers and feature OE equivalent components, including top-grade chains that eliminate stretch and also precision components for excellent wear resistance.



New Part Numbers for Smart


SKCM018 – SKCM018C

Vehicle details

Maker: Smart
Engine type: 0.6 / 0.7 petrol
Engine codes: M 160 E6AL B03, M 160 E6AL B05, M 160.910, M 160.920, M 160.922
Model year: from 07/1998 to 02/2007




SKCM047 – SKCM047V

Vehicle details

Maker: Smart
Vehicle models: FORTWO
Engine type: 1.0 gasolina
Engine codes: M 132.910, M 132.930,
Model year: from 01/2007 to 06/2014



Why choose DOLZ Timing Chain Kits?


The quality of transmission components goes a long way in determining proper engine performance. That is why the kit format is a solution that guarantees the correct maintenance and synergy of the components and prolongs the useful life, durability, and performance of the entire transmission system. As you know, when replacing components, it is best practice to replace all the associated parts.

Dolz Chain Kits stand out for being the most competitive on the market, offering the following advantages:

  1. Easy-Fit – that is all components are delivered in one package: timing chain (always being the latest OE version), tensioner, VVT variable valve timing, guides, seals and bolts, sprockets… Also, when needed, our technical team also provides inside the package a technical bulletin for best installation practice.
  2. Guaranteed quality: all components are equivalent to OE.
  3. 100% tested. Components are tested to ensure the best performance: chain tensile strength test, hardness test, measurements, etc.
  4. 2-year warranty from the date of purchase or 80,000 km.

Once again at Dolz we combine the latest technology with coordinated planning and flexible production, which allows us to provide our customers with the best possible service and quality.

Besides, the full range of Dolz Timing Chain Kits includes the best-selling references in Europe. You can purchase our kits from an extensive network of professional suppliers, all of them are already available in the main electronic catalogs such as TecDoc and Sofinn.

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