Some of the most important elements that are directly related to engine performance are those in the distribution of our vehicle.

Among the most common distribution kits used in workshops are timing belt distribution kits and timing chain distribution kits, depending on each application and type of vehicle. Although there is also the possibility of acquiring timing belt distribution kits in oil bath. An alternative that has the advantages of dry belts and the benefits of timing chains. 

In today’s article we talk about the main characteristics of this distribution set, and we know the complete Dolz range.



Oil-bath Belt


With the increasing demand for higher engine performance, the oil-bath timing belt, also known as ‘Belt in Oil’, is narrower and quieter than dry belts and its main characteristic is that it is housed inside the engine, in the lubricated area, with a hermetic metal cover.

Used for oil pump drives and camshaft and crankshaft timing and, due to the innovative materials used in BIO systems, these belts are more temperature-resistant, stretch than conventional dry belts and more durable. In addition, being made of rubber, in contact with metal it is quieter than a timing chain.



Preventing maintenance & lubrication


Workshops often prefer to replace the timing chain with an oil-bath belt system when it fails. This is, among other factors, because oil-bath belts have 30% reductions in friction loss compared to chains or dry belts.

Its service life is largely dependent on regular maintenance and the quality of the oil in the crankcase. Without the use of a recommended one, degraded oil will not protect the belt.

Dolz recommends periodically checking our vehicle. Only with a periodic maintenance program will be possible an optimal performance, helping to extend its useful life and improving our safety on the road.



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Main advantages of the BIO KIT


This system allows a timing belt to have the ability to work inside the engine, preventing it from drying out, so that, during its useful life, it will not lose elasticity. So, among the main advantages it offers we find:kits bio dolz

  • Better engine performance.
  • Reduced emissions.
  • Low operating noise.
  • Reduced fuel consumption (and energy losses).
  • Less friction.


With a firm commitment to providing transmission solutions and providing an optimal engine performance, Dolz offers 100% tested BIO Kits, which meet existing standards of adaptability and are equivalent to OE in all its components, including the belt.



Dolz Kits, your safety choice


Dolz, as a manufacturer and specialist in vehicle timing drive and engine cooling components for the aftermarket, we offer a wide range of timing belt kits.

With more than 230 references covering 90% of the European car parc, all our products are designed with the latest technology and are available in the main electronic catalogues, including TecDoc (TecAlliance).

Remember that it is highly advisable to replace the transmission components in the same operation. When one of the elements fails, it is very likely that it affects other components. Dolz All-inclusive kits are an efficient and professional solution.



Dolz Range: Timing Belt-in-Oil Distribution Kits



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