Keep in tip-top condition for total peace on mind in your winter driving


With winter on the horizon, it is important to make sure that our vehicle is prepared to face the different winter weather situations that we may encounter when driving. Bad weather and improper vehicle maintenance can play tricks on us.

Whether it’s rain, snow, ice or fog, there are some considerations to take into account before making our journey on the road. And to avoid putting safety at risk it will be essential to check some of the most important parts of the vehicle.

For this, Dolz offers you a handy checklist with which you will undoubtedly get ready for a safe winter driving:



Good tires can make the difference between leading an accident and avoiding it. It doesn’t matter if your tires are new or old, make sure they are properly inflated for winter conditions.



Winter brings slippery and icy roads, so it is essential that you inspect the condition of your vehicle’s brakes. Using your brakes effectively is the key to safe driving this time of year.



Make sure the cooling system works as it should. To do this, you must check that you have enough coolant in your vehicle. In case of perceiving any leak, you should go to your trusted workshop.



In addition to the effect that extreme weather places on the batteries, modern vehicles require much more from the electrical system than in the past. Therefore, it is essential that you check the strength and condition of your vehicle’s battery.

If you notice that the battery is having a hard time starting the car, it is probably running low.



You must at least ensure that the lights are in tip-top condition before any change of season. Be sure to check that the brake lights, fog lights, and indicator are working. Replace the necessary bulbs.



Make sure you achieve and maintain the best possible visibility. For this, it will be necessary to verify the proper functioning and condition of both.

Dolz always recommends checking the state of the roads on which you are going to drive, the weather forecasts, as well as the traffic conditions before starting a trip.

Be prepared! Always stay safe.


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