The facility will be located in the city of Castellón, and this was one of the decisions made in the executive meeting that the company held in that city.

Industrias Dolz will invest more than 7 million euros in its new industrial plant in Castellón, and it predicts that it will close 2015 with overall invoicing of around 50 million euros, an 8% increase. This signals the attainment of the objectives that the company set since the entry of the venture capital firm, Realza Capital, one year ago.

“We are meeting the goals we set for 2015 in all aspects: growth, invoicing and profits, and all our economic indicators are positive this year”, reports the General Manager of Grupo Dolz, Jesús Dolz.

The company made the decision to build a new industrial plant in Castellón at the executive conference it held in Castellón. The Dolz delegates from Russia, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Argentina and Chile attended the conference, along with the company’s manager in Castellón and the representatives of the investment firm Realza Capital on the company’s board of directors.

Another project that the company will launch in the forthcoming months is the opening of new markets. The industrial group plans to increase its international invoicing with the sale of water pumps for automobiles in Mexico, Turkey and northern Europe.

“In the image, the general manager of Industrias Dolz, Jesús Dolz, along with the group’s managers from all over the world at the executive conference held in Castellón-“

In this way, it will achieve the consolidation of its internationalization strategy, through which Industrias Dolz is already present in all the European countries, along with Russia. It also has manufacturing plants in China and Argentina to serve its Asian and South American markets.

At the conference, the strategic avenues to pursue for the next five years were set, as well as the investments that the company will make in the forthcoming months, which in addition to the new industrial plant in Castellón also involves the investment in tools to expand knowledge of the markets, and more importantly a steadfast focus on innovation, technology and services.

In the opinion of the General Manager of Industrias Dolz, investment in the new plant “is everyone’s dream. We saw how the company kept growing all over the world with the opening of the plants in Argentina and China, and now it’s the turn of the plant in Castellón, the hub that supplies the entire European market, which accounts for 80% of the group’s worldwide invoicing,” explains Jesús Dolz.

Industrias Dolz was founded in 1934, and it is currently run by the third generation of the Dolz family, the grandchildren of the founder. The company manufactures more than 4 million water pumps per year between its parent company in Spain and its branches abroad. All told, it employs 300 people, 200 of whom are on staff at the parent factory located in Castellón.


At the conference held in Castellón, the executives of Grupo Industrias Dolz debated the future plans presented by the General Manager of the company, Jesús Dolz, which are aimed at consolidating the company’s leadership in both spare parts and original pieces. The purpose is for Dolz “to remain the go-to solution for water pumps”.

At the conference, François Passaga from GIPA, a consultancy specializing in knowledge of trends and consumption in spare parts for automobiles, outlined the increase in the use of the Internet in drivers’ end decisions, the growth of the Chinese market and the Asian market in general, and the importance of brands’ positioning in such competitive markets as the automotive industry.

Every year, Industrias Dolz manufactures more than four million water pumps between the three manufacturing plants that the company has in Spain, Argentina and China, where it opened the new plant in mid-2013.

In addition, the Castellón-based company also opened a branch in Brazil two years ago, which relies on the technical and logistical support of Dolz Argentina, which has extensive experience in the South American market. “We want to remain the leaders, and we always work towards this goal,” stresses Jesús Dolz, who also likes to highlight Realza’s role in achieving the company’s investment and growth goals.