In recent years, Industrias Dolz’s offer has evolved “from business strategy to transformation”, being able to expand our range and introduce new product lines.

With the growing market demand, in Dolz last year we introduced two new ranges. On the one hand, we have expanded the cooling products range with the new Dolz Thermostats. Furthermore, and after the success achieved with the Dolz Kits, we have incorporated a new range of Chain Kits, an important part of our work to strengthen us as multi-product manufacturer.

At the end of 2021 these are our figures:


Water pumps

71 new part numbers for Dolz water pumps.

  • 42 auxiliary electric water pumps.
  • 14 mechanical water pumps.
  • 5 variable water pumps.
  • 5 electric water pumps.
  • 5 truck water pumps.


Timing Belt Kits

Timing belt kits have increased with 41 new references. A wide and consolidated range of distribution kits which can be purchased with or without a water pump.

  • Timing belt kits with water pump: 20 new PN’s.
  • Timing belt kits without water pump: 21 new PN’s.


Timing Chain Kits

The new timing-chain kits have stood out for being the ‘top sales’ range in the European market. At Dolz we have launched the first 10 references, which will be expanded during this year.

Dolz kits stand out for being the most complete kits on the market, containing all the necessary components for a professional repair.



Regarding Dolz thermostats, in 2021 we launched a total of 18 references. All of them are integrated thermostats that adjust the coolant flow towards the radiator, deciding when and how heat is added.

Always following the highest quality standards and complying with OEM specifications, at Industrias Dolz we manufacture more than 5.5 million units per year. Offering an extensive catalogue of products that allows us to supply a globalized and growing market.

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