Finding and selecting the best supplier is an essential first step to choosing the right water pump for your vehicle. 

There are many ways to find supply sources, from asking around in the industry to online research. It is an investment that requires you to consider many factors. If you choose the wrong option, then you could face shipping delays, poor quality or a product that does not fulfill its function properly and it would be a disaster. That’s why it’s really important that you choose a reliability supplier. But, how to find a supplier that won’t let you down? 

In this article, we will share all the tools and tips you need to know when choosing the best water pump supplier. Some informative and helpful advices that will enable you to quickly know if your supplier is the best one.


Characteristics of a good water pump supplier


There are some characteristics that a good supplier should have in order to be seen as worthwhile. To make this process easier, we share with you a simple 4 steps that you can use to select the best supplier for your car water pump.

Tip 1: Good service and clear communication.

Tip 2: Reliability. The expertise is valuable.

Tip 3: Quality matters. Avoid those manufacturers that are not certified.

Tip 4: Think about product variety when choosing your supplier.

Let’s take a look at these tips one by one with more details.




Look for experienced suppliers who have been in the industry a long time, they probably offer an added level of support. Companies with a solid, long-standing relationships with clients is a good sign. 

A good supplier will be always honest with its customers. It is important to have a clear communication to find out what the customer needs and how they can serve you better in the future. The development, production, and delivery of a product are completely essentials.

Give priority to companies with an in-house customer support department with a team of dedicated employees supporting you. They will help to ensure nothing gets missed.

Other key factors to consider are: On-time delivery and a constant stock control. That is: to consistently supply a safety product at the required time.




Reliability is very much what it sounds like. A reliable supplier means receiving high quality standards, timeliness, competitiveness and constant innovation.

How long has the company been in the industry?

While there is no reason necessarily to disregard a new company, an experienced supplier is more likely to have the potential and the connections to support you. Commitment to the market demands must be evident for a good supplier.




This is a factor that many people miss out on when buying and supply a car component. Look for quality certifications that guarantee the ability to provide products and services that meet regulatory requirements and expectations of the customer.

The quality of your product should be one of your top priorities so do not hesitate: check the quality certifications and different areas such as raw materials, R&D capabilities or equipment. Dolz facilities in all countries are fully ISO certified. And also with the most advanced products and the latest technology.

You should know:

ISO 9001:2015 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS).  


Variety of product


Variety of product is another parameter that requires careful consideration when looking for in suppliers. To say in simple words, having a wide range of products provide more choice for customers and make them more satisfied.

In recent years, globalization of markets has led to an increase in the product variety that customers demand and a consequent increase in the number of variants of any given product line that a manufacturer must supply. A multiproduct company is a must.

As a supplier and manufacturer, DOLZ is involved in a constant developing and updating its product range.


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Industrias Dolz, the best water pump supplier for your business


Suppliers are essential to almost every business. DOLZ is one of the reputed manufacturer and supplier of the spare parts industry with almost 90 year of experience in the aftermarket.

We are able to supply a product that meets your requirements and we ensure the best service and experience for you.

Over 1300 PN’s of water pumps:

  • 900 references for cars
  • 200 references for Hybrid and Gas cars
  • 400 references for trucks and industrial vehicles

What’s more, this means a 97% European Car Parc Coverage & 80% of Truck Parc.

We are also one of the very few manufacturers with a die cast aluminium foundry, machining and assembling plant in one of our factories based in Spain.

If you are considering buying car water pumps, you should know that DOLZ will cover all your needs. We are your safety choice, manufacturing water pumps since 1934 …


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