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GGT is an experienced partner which offers an extensive assortment of cooling and engine timing products for passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. Showcasing a catalogue of over 1300 water pump references and much more automotive spare parts that will smoothly adapt to your most demanding needs at an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

This article takes you through a carefully curated selection of GGT’s products, as a way of giving you our professional advice so that you can find a tailored solution for a perfect experience. 


Our product range


GGT product range comprises passenger car, truck and industrial vehicle components, produced with the highest quality standards, with selected components manufactured in-house.

Over 5,5 million water pumps per year, with more than 500,000 stock units that guarantee the adaptability and functionality found in OE, these represent as much as 97% of the total European fleet and increasingly serve most of the Asian market. 

GGT is in a process of continuous development. This includes the scheduled expansion of the existing product lines


GGT pumps


Water pumps 


More than 900 water pump references for passenger cars, being 230 specifically for Asian applications, and 200 for hybrid and gasoline cars.

400 for heavy duty vehicles: Trucks | Vans | Tractors | 4×4 | 4×5 | 4×6 | 4×7 | 4×8 | 4×9 | Marine applications | Forklifts | Industrial engines.

95% of cases, they include dynamic closures of silicon carbide to guarantee optimal sealing and lubrication; pre-conditions to achieve greater durability.

A wide range which comprises:

  • Car water pump
  • Electric water pump
  • Auxiliary water pump
  • Variable water pump
  • Truck water pump

With a quality equivalent to OE all the water pumps are 100% tested to perform with great robustness and reliability.


Engine timing


The market is evolving towards an increasingly customized and convenient service for customers. GGT’s distribution kits benefit both workshops and end users in terms of convenience, time saving, cost effectiveness and the guarantee of a long-lasting repair.


Timing belt and timing chain kits


GGT offers a complete line of timing belt kits (with and without water pump) and also a wide complete range of timing chain kits covering the most popular applications on the market.

Each kit contains all the components required for a professional repair. Using the latest materials and a highly engineered.

For best practice, Dolz always recommend replacing the water pump and the timing belt at the same time in order to ensure synchronization between the elements.  


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GGT has a dynamically growing assortment of coolant thermostats. Its main function of this small device is to quickly reach the optimal engine temperature. All of them OE matching quality and, being most of our range map-controlled thermostats, deciding when and how heat is added.

Our thermostat box comprises always the thermostat and gasket (if required for installation).

GGT also includes thermostats attached to the water pump that can be purchased in kit format.


H2: Where to find all GGT spare parts?


GGT products are available on all major cataloging platforms, including TecAlliance (TecDoc) and Sofinn. Beyond our online sourcing, feel free to download our catalogues.

Do you have questions regarding our spare parts or want to find out more about what the brand can offer to you? We will be pleased to provide you with additional support; such as tariffs benchmarking, brochures and technical presentations or videos, if you wish further information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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