The engine timing chain, vital to the internal combustion engine, synchronizes the movement of the camshaft, pistons, valves, connecting rods and crankshaft. When it is replaced, it’s a good idea to take a total systems approach and replace all the necessary components. By replacing them you are really returning the timing system to a like-new condition.

With more than 80 part numbers, GGT timing chain kits cover the most popular applications of the European car parc coverage and include all the necessary replacement components in a single package for a complete and professional replacement since the first moment.


KCSPA001, the complete solution for the 1.3 Multijet engine


The timing kit contains not only those basic components such as the timing chain, the tensioner, the sprockets, or the guide rails, this also includes the oil seal, screws, flange, and the feed pipe, being the last two essential for a truly effective replacement since the beginning.

Let’s dig in the importance of these two pieces and the main benefits this GGT Kit offers over other references.


Engine Timing Chain Kit KCSPA001: Main Benefits


Piece 1. Flange

Following the OE design, we can see that its own exploded view for the chain kit already shows this part:

The main reason why it is necessary to replace it is because it wears out and therefore it generates “game” (too much clearance) as seen in the picture below:

What does this ‘game’ affect?

  1. Mainly to the correct sealing when mounting the oil seal and to prevent leaks. As observed, despite the fact that the area is “clean”, it has lost the assembly tolerances, so its performance will not be ideal.
  2. Having this ‘game’ directly affects to excessive vibration generation, which can further hasten failure (reduced useful life of the kit).


Piece 2. Feed pipe

The 1.3 Multijet engine is known for “suffering” lubrication problems, that’s why the chain has been improved by General Motors, being at this moment a chain with self-lubricated holes (same timing chain as GGT includes) and even an oil feed pipe had to be designed and included for a direct lubrication of this chain as shown in the following picture:

Basically, no matter how good the maintenance of the engine and its oil changes have been, there can always be impurities and contaminants that are usually placed in the smallest holes. These dirt particles, over time, affect the condition and operation of the pieces and can even block the oil galleries and the supply holes. To obtain the best result, a new feed pipe without impurities is always advisable to guarantee perfect lubrication and help prevent future problems. For that reason, GGT also supplies this piece as part of its timing chain kit suitable for 1.3 Multijet engine (Fiat, Alfa Romero, Ford & Opel).

This part is fully accessible during timing chain assembly and besides, does not increase labor time.

After all, why use the latest OE design chain on the market if it is not going to be lubricated as it needs?


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GGT: Precision for professionals


Make sure that the mating surfaces are as free from residue as possible. At Dolz/GGT we always remember that before replacing timing components, it is essential to prepare surfaces. That is the only way to make sure you will get a durable and quiet timing chain kit performance.

Now that we know some of the advantages of having these two pieces, let’s see other reasons why this GGT kit is one of the most competitive references on the market.

The main characteristics of our Timing Chain Kits are:

  1. Easy-Fit Kits with all the necessary components for a professional repair. Always with the latest OE version.
  2. All our components have been tested and are equivalent to OE.
  3. 2-year warranty from the date of purchase or 80,000 km.

How we ensure competitiveness and quality of our kits?

  • Hardness tests.
  • Chain tensile strength tests.
  • 3D Detection and Inspection – High Precision Measurement.


You will find Dolz kits in an extensive network of professional suppliers throughout Europe, all of them already available in the different electronic catalogs such as TecDoc and Sofinn.


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