On the 28th and 29th of May, the Board of Directors of Industrias Dolz will gather its top executives from Spain, Argentina, China and Europe together in Castellón, where they will analyze the company’s strategic lines and investment plan for the future, bearing in mind the proposals of the company’s General Manager, Jesús Dolz.

They will also review the most important milestones of the company’s more than 80 years of history, in which it has gone from being the leading manufacturer of water pumps for the automotive industry in Spain to one of the worldwide benchmarks.

For this meeting, advanced technology was used to design the strategic lines in conjunction with the company’s executives all over the world, so that there was total involvement in all the decisions on the company’s future.

“Industrias Dolz plans to invest millions in its new plant in Castellón”

The decisions taken included the opening of new markets, new products, the personalization of sales and an investment plan which features the new factory in Castellón, which will be equipped with state-of-the-art design, manufacturing and marketing technology.

This plan will be carried out after the Realza Capital fund enters the company to reinforce Dolz’s strategic line in internationalization, quality and service.

Dolz currently employs around 200 people in Castellón, in addition to its indirect employees. It manufactures four million water pumps between its facilities in Spain (Castellón), Argentina and China, and these products are meant for the markets of these countries and Europe. The company’s annual turnover is more than 50 million Euros.