The water pump is a vital component used by internal combustion engines to ensure constant circulation of coolant and enable the cooling system to maintain engine thermal balance.

This method is known as water cooling, and is essential to ensure that the operating temperature in the engine system is always at its optimal point. Although water cooling systems are more complex than air cooling systems, they have been shown to be significantly more efficient.

By using centrifugal force to continuously circulate coolant through the vehicle’s engine block, overheating is prevented. The waste heat from the engine is initially dissipated into a liquid coolant, and is later removed from the coolant via the radiator. 

As engine speed increases, the amount of heat produced also escalates. The water pump then counters the sudden increase by incrementing its rotational speed to provide the required coolant flow to the impeller.



History and evolution of cooling systems


Water pumps date to before the invention of internal combustion engine. Later, early steam engines started using water cooling in order to dissipate waste heat. A technology that would be unsuccessfully applied to the cooling of internal combustion engines due, in large part, to the fact that the initial water pumps used pure water and had inefficient sealing.

Because of this, water-cooled engines were considered unreliable and to improve their reliability it was necessary to solve two problems: the excessive loss of coolant and the tendency of the engines to overheat in certain scenarios.

As a result, carbon seal pumps were developed; improving the design of water pumps and largely reducing coolant leakage during normal operation. On the other side, the addition of ethylene glycol to coolants, as opposed to using straight water, reduced both the boiling point of the coolant and its heat transfer qualities.

In the 1940’s, car companies such as Cadillac and Chrysler produced the first vehicles holding an air-conditioning system. By the mid-1950s there were more than fifteen companies offering one. This evolution opened the way for modern water pump systems in vehicles.



The history of Dolz as a manufacturer of water pumps.


Industrias Dolz’s history as a manufacturer of water pumps dates back to 1934, when it was founded as a repairer of water pumps and evolved and specialized in the manufacture of water pumps until it became the multinational it is today.

In 1948, it established its very first iron foundry, and ten years later, in 1958, the first DOLZ catalog was published, specialized in automotive water pumps. Since then invested into top quality manufacturing processes to ensure the highest-standard aftermarket water pumps.

In 1973, with the introduction of Japanese manufacturing machines in-house, Dolz’s aluminum foundry was inaugurated. From this moment, the manufacturing process integrates iron and aluminum smelting.

Automation arrives at Dolz in 1999 in its assembly area and will gradually be implemented in the rest of the production areas.

The commitment to the internationalization of the company led to the opening of new manufacturing plants in China and Argentina, being able to serve the growing markets in these geographical areas.

Today, with almost 90 years of history, Dolz is one of the leaders in the manufacture of water pumps. Also marketing distribution kits and thermostats in the automotive spare parts industry for the aftermarket.



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Industrias Dolz: Knowledge and experience at your service.


Producing more than 1,000 different models of water pumps for car & heavy duty, Dolz presents the longest-standing experience in the market. Currently, Dolz’s products cover 97% of the European car parc and 80% of for trucks, as one of the leaders in the spare parts industry.

With more than 5.5 million units produced, the product range includes

  • Water pumps for passenger cars.
  • Water pumps for industrial vehicles.
  • Electric water pumps.
  • Variable water pumps.
  • Auxiliary electric water pumps.

At the forefront of the aftermarket industry, we continue with the firm commitment to continuous improvement, providing our customers with the best solutions and excellent quality, service and innovation.


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