More and more vehicles on the market are equipped with chain drives. Advances in new processes and continuous technological evolution have enabled the production of much more durable distribution chains and that do not require scheduled maintenance.

However, the growing life expectancy of vehicles and its resulting increase in miles travelled makes chain-driven timing systems subject to wear

The timing system of an engine determines how the engine runs, power it delivers, the fuel consumption and emissions of the vehicle. If any part is worn or damaged, this will directly affect car performance and potentially cause serious damage. Thus, it is vitally important to respond immediately to the warning signals of our vehicles.


Dolz’s Timing Chain Components


Industrias Dolz has expanded its range of products with the recent launch of timing chain kits. Dolz offers a complete range of Timing Chain Kits, including all components required for a professional repair, the highest quality to guarantee final users an effective replacement and an efficient and durable chain transmission.

The following are the timing chain components included in Dolz Chain Kits:


Timing chain


timing chain

The timing chain is considered the heart of the engine, as it connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, controlling the opening and closing of the engine’s valves so that these happen at exactly the right time to inject fuel and remove exhaust gases in a balanced way. Some chains, to help installation, maintenance or replacement operations, have signaling links that offer visual aid for the correct positioning.


Camshaft/Crankshaft Sprockets


timing chain components camshaft

Sprockets are the mechanical components capable of transforming a circular force and motion into linear motion and force (and vice versa). In this way, the crankshaft, the driving part, transforms its circular movement into a linear one so that it is transported through the chain to the different driven elements (camshafts, oil pump or others). Once the chain reaches each of these elements, another sprocket located in the driven part is in charge of transforming the linear movement of the chain into the circular movement necessary for it to run.


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Sprockets, unlike pulleys where slippage can occur, always have a synchronous movement. That is, that for each chain link, the sprocket advances only one tooth and, for each tooth that turns a driving sprocket, the chain will displace only one link. Therefore, if the crankshaft rotates one tooth, all the driven sprockets of the timing will advance the same.

To break this highly static timing between a crankshaft and driven components, some engines use VVT (variable valve timing) sprockets on the valve shafts. These have the ability to move the relative position itself with the teeth of its corresponding pinion. In this way the camshaft is positioned before or after the point where it should be if it is a normal sprocket.

Sprockets can also have positioning marks.




timing chain components guide

Chain guides are necessary to prevent timing chains from vibrating, serving as a track to the timing chain. By addressing the positioning of the chains, they ensure the right arrangement of the chain along all of the engine components.

Guides can either be fixed or tilting:

  • Fixed ones have two or more anchors.
  • Tilting ones have one anchor point at most and, its final position, is achieved by using a tensioner that exercises pressure against the chain.




timing chain components tensioner

A tensioner is provided in order to control the timing chain properly surrounding the crankshaft sprocket and the camshaft sprocket. Combined with a chain guide, tensioners ensure that the timing chain is kept under proper tension. This way they prevent the chain from vibrating and slipping off the sprockets.

All Dolz kits have tensioners. These can be with a simple pusher, which require the tilting guide, or they can have the guide itself already incorporated into the piston plunger.


Gasket and Seal


timing chain components gasket

It is necessary to properly seal the oil bath where the timing chains are located to maintain lubrication and prevent leaking outside. Dolz gaskets and seals isolate the chain kit operating compartment from the components and from outside.

Seals are placed between the dynamic elements, such as the crankshaft, to create a seal between the oil bath where the chain operates, and the external elements. The gaskets, on the other hand, are placed between static elements, such as the oil bath cover and the engine block itself.


Why choose Dolz’s Timing Chain Kits


Dolz distribution chain kits stand out for being the ‘top sales’ range in the European market.

The manufacturing processes used in our kits and their different components only have materials selected for the highest quality, ensuring that all products always remain at the forefront of the market. Therefore, all timing chain kits have the following benefits:

  • Synergistic design.
  • Great robustness and reliability: 100% testing.
  • Quality OE equivalent.
  • Proven high quality materials.

Dolz Timing Chain Components and Kits are OE equivalent performance requirements and ensure a quiet, maintenance-free experience that increases the potential of your vehicle’s engine.


timing chain components