Dolz presents all its range of sales & communication supports

As the eldest water pump manufacturer in Europe, DOLZ has always offered a large coverage of the European car parc. With the aim to continuously better support our distributors, DOLZ has developed in 2016 new sales and marketing tools.

1. New Water Pump catalogue for cars

The new Water pump catalogue includes all the new references launched:

  • in 2015 53 new car applications and 9 truck,
  • in 2016 18 new car applications and 2 de trucks, mainly for Renault, VAG, PSA, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Honda, Opel, MAN & Porsche.

More than 150 new references launched since 2014, for an increase of 1.2 Mio cars coverage, for the 5 main car parcs in Europe.

The DOLZ range is made of 990 references only for cars applications, among which 18% only for Asian applications.

The car parc coverage is estimated:

  • 95.7% of the Italian car parc,
  • 95.5% of the French car parc,
  • 95.1% of the Spanish car parc,
  • 91.2% of the UK car parc,
  • 91.1% of the German car parc.

95% of the DOLZ range includes a Silicon Carbide Dynamic Seal (more than 900 references), that guarantees optimum tightness and durability of the water pump.

The new catalogue includes all the pictures of the water pumps in a specific section, to ease the reference identification.

Finally, the catalogue also includes some communication pages that detail our unique selling points.

2. New communication supports:

With the aim to continuously help and support distributors selling DOLZ, we have developed:

  • New leaflets with sales pitch for water pumps & timing belt kits with water pumps
  • Technical supports:
    • Best practice notes and mounting recommendations,
    • Technical details about the water pumps components,
    • Notes detailing differentiation between similar references,
  • Videos:
    • Tutorials about how to install a timing belt kits with water pump,
    • Training:
      • Fundamental principles of a water pump,
      • Components,
      • Technical comparison between materials used and their advantages,
      • That will be first available in Spanish and English, and will be adapted in other languages (French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian); the aim is to support sales on technical aspects, with new visual supports,
  • Sales & technical posters,
  • Technical bible will be re-edited end of 2016 in 7 languages (Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian) to demonstrate why DOLZ has reached an excellent quality.

3. New « responsive » website in 7 languages for DOLZ & GGT

Former website was only available in English and Spanish. The 2 major changes have been to make it responsive and to add 5 other languages (French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian) to better answer to our customers’ requirement.

The « responsive » design ensures that the website’s navigation elements, screen-layouts, text, images, audio/video players and other elements re-adjust themselves on a variety of devices (different desktops, tablets, smartphones…).

Main functionalities of the new website:

  • New corporate & technical videos, in most of the languages,
  • Integration of new Technical & mounting sheets,
  • Improvement of the e-catalogue under a similar TecDoc research mode.

Distributors will have the choice for identifying a DOLZ reference, searching from:

  • Vehicle application,
  • OE reference,
  • IAM reference.

A list of model and engine application will appear, with the possibility to edit a Product Data Sheet.

This website has been re-designed in order to facilitate the reference identification, with Product Sheets, product pictures, or Technical Sheets.

Finally, the videos have been made in order to recommend the best practices, installing a timing belt and water pump kit.

Most of these new functionalities are available in 7 languages on our website:

4. Timing belt & water pump kits range:

The range includes 54 references for the European market, and covers 65% of the total sales. This range will be enlarged with additional 30 references in 2017, in order to reach 80% of sales.

All the kits meet the OE quality standards, with an OE belt & matching to OE standards (EC 1400/2002) water pump and idlers.

Each kit includes everything needed for its installation: in addition to the kits components, water pump seals, screws,…

Finally, we have developed sales supports: catalog, leaflet, poster & video (soon available in English) to help distributors selling DOLZ kits.

5. GGT range

The GGT brand has always been associated to trucks & industrial vehicles. The range is strictly identical to the Dolz range, in term of number of references, and thus car parc coverage, and quality since they are both manufactured in the same production line.

This range is mainly dedicated to the distributors that seek an exclusive brand to sell for their market.

This brand counts with the same sales & communication supports as per the Dolz brand (catalogues, leaflets, Product Data sheets, and specific website).

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