DOLZ-Litens hold its Global Sales Conference on 8-10 March in Almazora (Spain), with the presidency of Paul Robinson, CEO of Litens states and Jesus Dolz, CEO of Industrias Dolz, gathering its top executives from the main international Headquarters: Spain, Canada, USA, Germany, Brasil, Argentina, China, India.

Jesus Dolz and Paul Robinson have opened the conference. The international character of this conference is an opportunity to continue improve competitiveness and boost our companies, their areas of influence and synergies. After that, the different presentations have started, which have allowed attendees to exchange information and discuss strategies.


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During the days, the topics address planning for 2023 and following years issues focusing on the different strategies to develop.

In addition to the presentations, attendees will enjoy a team-building activity and topical round-table discussions to delve into different work ideas and reflect on the future of the sector.

Quality and service are part of our companies’ DNA, with long experience within the automotive sector and a promising future, committed to providing our customers with the best products and services.


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