In 2016, Dolz launched a total of 26 new references in cars & 3 references in heavy duty. All these new PNs are for recent applications, maintaining the range in line with the car parc evolution. All these new part numbers are available both in Dolz & GGT, as well as in Tecdoc.

This last range extension of 7 new references, including 1 for heavy duty, allows an increase of 1.6 Mio additional cars in Europa.

The OEMs covered by this range extension are Renault, VAG, PSA, Nissan, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, & Honda.

Characteristics of the range

  • The DOLZ range is made of 1300 references, among which 990 for cars applications & 18% only for Asian applications,
  • 95% coverage of the European car parc,
  • 95% of the DOLZ range includes a Silicon Carbide Dynamic Seal, that guarantees optimum tightness and durability of the water pump,
  • Water pumps designed according to OE specifications,
  • Automatized manufacturing process that guarantee an excellent quality.