Industrias Dolz introduces 12 new references to its product portfolio. All of them already available in the different electronic catalogs such as TecDoc, MAM and Sofinn. In this way, the new part numbers allow Dolz to continue the evolution of the market offering professionals solutions for the new applications that arrive at the workshops.


+3 Water pumps

New part numbers for water pumps suitable for: Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

  • DOLZ H265 (mechanical water pump); M670 (variable water pump)and EA572A (electric auxiliary water pump).
  • GGT PA13275 (mechanical water pump); PA12957 (variable water pump)and PA13402 (electric auxiliary water pump).

Based on the extensive knowledge of our experts, at Dolz we have developed a range that is characterized by its reliability, efficiency, and ease of assembly. More than 1,300 water pumps that guarantee the main European and Asian brands coverage and strengthen our leadership position in the market. Therefore, you can be confident that we will have the parts you need when you need them.


+5 part numbers for Timing chain kits


New part numbers for Volkswagen Group, Nissan, Renault, Jaguar and Land Rover applications:

  • DOLZ SKCR020; SKCN127; SKCA032V; SKCL028; SKCL029.
  • GGT KCSPA020; KCSPA127; KCSPA032V; KCSPA028, KCSPA029.

Dolz Kits are characterized by their reliability, efficiency and easy-fit mode, being the most competitive timing chain kits on the market. Our complete range includes the Best-Selling references in Europe and includes all the necessary components delivered in one single package to guarantee a professional assembly.



+4 Timing belt kits


New timing belt kits with and without water pump suitable for: Volkswagen Group, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Lancia and Fiat.

  • DOLZ KD248 (with water pump); SKD248; KD301 (with water pump); SKD301.
  • GGT KPA20248 (with water pump); KSPA248; KPA20301 (with water pump); KSPA301.

The quality of transmission components goes a long way in determining proper engine performance. That is why the kit format is a solution that guarantees the correct maintenance and synergy of the components and prolongs the useful life, durability, and performance of the entire transmission system. As you know, when replacing components, it is best practice to replace all the associated parts.

Dolz/GGT Kits are designed to provide the driver with the highest performance in any type of condition. We offer a full range that already exceeds 270 PN’s.



Download our latest part numbers! NTR Dolz/GGT september


Dolz, your safety choice since 1934


Industrias Dolz covers more than 90% of vehicle sales in the European market. Thanks to its more than 90 year of experience in the sector, and offers a complete range, providing its customers and partners with the best solutions, excellent quality, service and innovation.

Manufactured to be equivalent to OE quality specifications.

Certifies according to the Quality Management System (SGC) ISO 9001:2015, Dolz/GGT products are designed to cope with the parameters required by modern engine designers and feature OE equivalent components.

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