Industrias Dolz launches its new range of Alternator Pulleys available to the Aftermarket, consolidating its position as one of the European Aftermarket leaders.

With more than 270 references launched, Dolz provides its customers with OAD™ and OAP pulleys of the best quality, ensuring that its products are at the forefront of the market.

It is a component associated with the engine’s auxiliary system, a link between the alternator and the crankshaft pulley. Thanks to its freewheeling coupling, it dampens the vibrations coming from the engine, helping to maintain the performance of the system components for as long as possible.

The electrical needs of today’s vehicles require more powerful alternators and greater complexity of the auxiliary drive of internal combustion engines, so to avoid vibrations and slippage in the entire transmission, freewheeling pulleys that work in a similar manner are required of damper.

Dolz’s range includes the two existing technologies on the market, OAP pulleys (Overrunning Alternator Pulley) and OAD™ pulleys (Overrunning Alternator Decoupler). Unlike OAPs that rely on the one-way clutch, OAD™ are also designed with a steel torsion spring that prevents torque oscillations and absorbs vibrations.

Of all of them, the Spanish manufacturer is already accepting orders.


About us

DOLZ is an aftermarket manufacturer offering premium OE equivalent parts for passenger cars, trucks and commercial vehicles since 1934. With almost 90 years of knowledge and experience, our global presence has now expanded to more than 70 countries worldwide. Dolz has 3 own manufacturing plants located in Spain (Castellon), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and China (Shouzou) as well as different commercial offices.

All of this allows us to offer innovative solutions and a competitive range of products that meet the highest quality standards.


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