In today’s article we provide some considerations when choosing your timing belt kit. Timing belt is a crucial system of the vehicle engine performance. It is responsible for synchronizing the movement of the crankshaft and the camshaft(s).

Commonly, when a timing belt fails, all the other parts around it also require replacement. Because of this reason, it is better to change not only the belt but also other engine parts such as the water pump and tensioner. It means a better and long-lasting repair, prevention of engine risks and savings for the pocket.

Buying a timing belt kit has been proved to reduce 50% of interventions and an estimated 5 hours of labor. That is, one box solution that contains all of the components required for an optimal timing belt replacement. Continue reading and learn how to choose the best timing belt kits for your application.



Dolz Kits: What types of timing belt kits are there?


Timing belt kits with or without water pump


All-inclusive kits that contain everything you need for a professional repair: water pump with gasket when necessary, belt, pulleys, bearings and screws.

In order to cater the different needs of the market, timing belt kits are also available without a water pump.



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What criteria should you follow when choosing a distribution kit?


Ensuring that your vehicle has a strong and reliable engine is essential for safe and efficient driving. To achieve this, there are several key factors to consider when maintaining your vehicle’s engine. By taking care to address these critical aspects, you can help to extend the life of your engine and achieve optimal performance.


Compatibility and fit


Timing belt kit components must be compatible with your car engine. Timing belts can differ in strength, thickness and temperature resistance in relation to suiting specific vehicle needs. If you choose without checking compatibility, premature failure will potentially arise.

In order to do so, it is key to conduct research before selecting and ordering; by checking the part number and every specification that will ensure a proper fit in the engine. Accurate instructions also play an important role in securing an easy and safe installation of all parts involved.


Quality and guarantee


Do not jeopardize quality for price matters, as this will negatively affect durability; raising the costs associated with fixings and reparations in the long term. A reliable performance is a must so, the investment will surely be worth it.

Best timing belt kits are those whose quality is at least equivalent to OE standard specifications regarding fit, functionality and performance indicators. Timing belt components must be tested under the same conditions as per OE specifications, with proven materials guaranteeing superior resistance against heat, pressure and external wear.

Dolz’s facilities are fully ISO certified in all the countries where it operates. With a guarantee rate as low as <0.05%, quality of Dolz references rests assured.


Manufacturer experience


Reputation and expertise are the safest ways to verify product quality and reliability. It is rather important that the chosen brand has proven knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of the specific product, as each individual component has a unique functioning.

Existing reviews and additional support materials such as technical specifications, videos and unboxings can help you identify specifically how the item(s) should turn out. Only an experienced manufacturer can offer a backed-up product.



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Parts included on the timing belt kits


When it comes to maintaining the engine of your vehicle, few components are equally critical as the timing belt. To help ensure that your timing belt is functioning properly, it’s important to understand the various parts that are included in our timing belt kits:


Timing belt


It is in charge of keeping internal combustion engines running and the vehicle’s pistons and valves operating correctly. Premium quality belts must prove resistant to changes in temperature, water and oil to ensure optimized durability.


Water pump


The water pump is directly adjacent to the timing belt and is intended to keep the optimum temperature of the engine at all times, so it must remain properly sealed to avoid leakage. In most cases, the timing belt drives the water pump, which is why it is the right time to replace the water pump when replacing the timing belt.




A belt tensioner or idler pulley is the system that guides the timing belt on a car engine, keeping it tight and running smoothly. Its main function is to stop the belt from slipping, avoiding drivability issues derived from a loose timing belt.


Bearings and screws


Bearings and screws are what holds together and in place the different components of engine timing belt kits. Dolz bearings are equivalents to OE and resistant to temperature changes and motor vibrations. They are manufactured with high quality raw materials to reduce friction and wear.


timing belt kit parts


Choose Dolz’s timing belt kits for superior engine performance


The best timing belt kits are those manufactured at a superior technological level. Dolz has made significant investments in technology and innovation to provide products of unique precision and quality that have gone through solid inspections during the process.

With two options available: all-include kits with water pump (KD) and an option without the water pump (SKD), both alternatives are manufactured to reach OE specifications and are guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase or 80.000 km.

Search through our kits e-Catalogue by reference, model, version and brand or contact us for tailored advice on choosing your best option for timing belt replacement!


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