Industrias Dolz, with nearly 90 years of experience in the Aftermarket industry, continues developing its strategy of auxiliary drive kits for the automotive aftermarket. The full range includes all the necessary components for a professional assembly: poly-V belt, the auxiliary drive belt tensioner and deflection pulleys necessary for each application.

Dolz has launched the Auxiliary Drive Kit SKD250A suitable for hybrid vehicles equipped with a DW10 HY Hybrid engine and a BSG (belt start generator) system.

In this article, we focus on the operation of the auxiliary drive belt tensioner of this kit and its features. Keep on reading to find out more.


Auxiliary drive belt tensioner


As mentioned earlier, the drive belt tensioner is a high precision element designed, as its name suggests, to optimize the tension of the accessories belt and prevent future breakdowns in the other elements such as the alternator or the water pump. It also dampens vibrations caused by changes in engine load or auxiliary drives.

This new DOLZ tensioner allows the accessories belt to be maintained with the correct tension in both BSG system operating modes, both in its standard function where the poly-V/serpentine belt drives the alternator, and in the starting mode of the engine.


BSG (Belt Starter Generator) System


The BSG (belt-starter generator) system is designed to enable alternator torque to be transmitted alternately, in different directions. Through the poly-V belt, enables start-stop functionality, energy recovery when coasting or braking, and allows reducing fuel consumption and emission of CO2 by improving the alternator efficiency.

Thanks to its design, can take advantage of the different acceleration phases. So, when the vehicle is in energy recovery, the BSG operates as a generator that provides reverse power flow back to the battery.


SKD250A Kit: Advantages of Drive Belt Tensioner


This poly-V belt tensioner is characterized by its dynamism, since it can optimize and adapt the tension based on the demands of the engine. As engines have grown more powerful, their energy requirements have increased as well. That’s why more complex components are required, capable of responding to current demands. Therefore, among the main advantages offered by the new DOLZ auxiliary belt tensioner we find:

  • Designed to reduce both vibration and friction.
  • Reduces belt wear while extending belt lifespan.
  • Reduces polluting emissions and consumption.

At Dolz we work to provide our customers with this competitive advantage by accessing our high-quality Auxiliary Drive Kits.


Designed to ensure great engine performance, they follow premium standards from original manufacturers such as Audi, Volkswagen, or Renault and include all the necessary components for a professional repair, that is all components are delivered in one package: V-ribbed belt or auxiliary belt, pulleys and idlers, drive tensioners all the necessary accessories depending on the vehicle application. Don’t forget it, we recommend to always check and replace, whenever necessary, all drive components, for the best maintenance activity.


Tech Info on how to replace the accessories belt drive system: Auxiliary Drive Kit assembly, step by step.


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