What are Dolz distribution kits?


On the way to offering a better-quality solution for users and garages all around the world, distribution kits were born as an innovative way to satisfy customer’s product and service needs in the automotive aftermarket.

As a one box solution, Dolz Kits have everything required to correctly assemble the vehicle’s distribution system, preventing component damage, and prolonging its lifetime, durability, and optimal performance.



Different types of distribution kits


At Dolz we have a wide range of timing kits for both belt and chain. Choosing the right timing kit mainly depends on individual vehicle needs and replacement preferences. These factors depend on 1. the type of timing system involved for the replacement, either chain or belt, and 2. In case of timing belt, whether or not the water pump will be replaced in the same operation.


Timing belt kits

Timing belt kits have as a main component the belt. A premium quality timing belt which has resistant to changes in temperature, in water and oil, ensuring optimized durability. Inside the kits we also find the rest of components necessary for its assembly, whether they are bearings, screws, etc.


Timing belt kits with & without water pump 

Because water pump and timing belt replacement are two of the most common operations in any garage, professionals usually recommend replacing them at the same time.

This offers three important advantages: it saves on labor and investment, it reduces the number of times the vehicle enters the repair center, and it improves both the quality and safety of the intervention; as the parts will interlock better this way and the pump bearings will remain stronger.

For these reasons, all-include kits with water pumps have become the most popular option for workshops and vehicle experts throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

With the objective of serving the different demands of the vehicle parts market, Dolz offers the possibility of obtaining its kits without a water pump


Timing chain kits

Timing chain kits include a premium timing chain together with the rest of components required for its assembly: tensioner, VVT (Variable Valve Timing), guides, screws… 

Both the timing belt and the timing chain serve the same purpose, and that is to keep the camshaft(s) and crankshaft in sync.

The quality of the belt goes a long way towards determining the quality of the engine’s performance. Which is why Dolz’s branded timing belts and timing chains are of premium quality; extremely durable and resistant to temperature changes.

As mentioned above, timing chains are stronger than timing belts and therefore last longer. However, they can produce louder noises, they are more expensive to produce and require a more complex replacement procedure.



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Main distribution kit components


Distribution kits are composed of several individual parts that are essential for the proper functioning of the engine and cooling circuit of any vehicle. The following components are the basic pieces that shape a quality distribution kit.


Water pump 

Most distribution kits provide a water pump to enable the replacement of the timing system and pump at the same time. The water pump is the heart of the cooling system and is designed to ensure the correct temperature of the engine, optimizing the performance and functioning of a vehicle’s engine. 

It is manufactured with a silicon carbide seal and might incorporate a gasket if necessary. Dolz’s water pumps have been designed following the original specifications and have been manufactured with the most innovative robotics, thus guaranteeing excellent quality


Maintenance tips


Every car manufacturer states the replacement intervals of the timing belt or chain in the maintenance guide of each of its models, and the first step to a long vehicle life starts by strictly following the manufacturer’s user manual.

For that, there are a number of recommendations to be followed in terms of maintenance and warranty:

  • Check the warranty sheet provided with the distribution kit; usually available in an e-format with a QR code located on the box.
  • Perform preventive maintenance by replacing components after the first signal of malfunctioning, before they fail and cause an even greater breakdown in the engine.
  • Follow the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer at all times in terms of tightening torques, tension of the belt etc.
  • Go exclusively to those manufacturers that count with the ISO9001 certificate, to ensure the highest quality in all components.

With the increase in the cars lifespan, these interventions have now become part of the regular maintenance of vehicles. Choosing a trustworthy partner that works with the highest quality standards and in a transparent way will guide you to offer the best possible service to vehicle users. 


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Dolz, your safety choice since 1934


With an extensive range made up of more than 200 distribution kit references in total, Industrias Dolz covers more than 90% of vehicle sales in the European market. Thanks to its more than 90 year of experience in the sector, Dolz offers a complete range, providing its clients with the best solutions, excellent quality, service and innovation.

Dolz’s distribution kits offer the following benefits:

  • Synergistic design.
  • Great robustness and reliability. 100% testing.
  • Quality OE equivalent.
  • Components made of steel for high resistance.

If you are interested in Dolz’s distribution kits, download our catalogue to find all the information you need. From product applications through vehicle details or individual OEM number, to search filters such as GGT reference, original, competitor or brand. Contact us if you still have any doubt!


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