The water pump is essential for circulating the coolant and transferring heat from the engine to the radiator. In most cases, it is a simple pump driven by a serpentine belt, timing belt or chain. Basically, the pump pushes the coolant into the cylinder block and cylinder head, where heat is absorbed. The coolant flows past the thermostat – when it is open – into the radiator, where it cools before returning to the pump. It is important to know how to choose the best water pump company in order to get the best quality.


Aspects to consider when choosing the best water pump company to work with


A pump is any hydraulic machine that increases the total mechanical energy of a fluid, in most cases coolant. There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a water pump or when you are looking for the best water pump company to work with.




First of all, you should consider the brand of the water pump. Carry out the necessary research to find the correct water pump for your vehicle, and then choose the best manufacturer that makes quality water pumps for cars. This aspect is very important because if the water pump is not good enough, in a few years you probably would need to change it again.




In most cases, many people buy products that are not certified or have no warranty. As a result, you end up with an unreliable and short-lived product. A little research needs to be done before purchasing a water pump for any car or truck. You don’t want to be disappointed with how it works. If you work with a brand with experience and reputation, the chances are higher that their product will last longer, and you will also receive a guarantee in case something goes wrong.




This is usually not an area we pay much attention to when choosing water pumps, but choosing a reliable manufacturer can be critical. It is convenient to work with a supplier who has a long history and can ensure that his work meets the quality standards set by the industry. So, don’t trust blindly, do deep research on water pump manufacturer companies, search online reviews and check the material and quality, also check they have good customer service.




This is a quite tricky area to pinpoint as there are many cars and trucks on the roads that still perform as well as ever on a water pump with over 200km of range. If you still have the user manual, it’s always a great idea to see what the manufacturer’s recommendations are. Each vehicle operates under slightly different conditions, which differ in the life of its components. Only your manufacturer will understand the exact life expectancy of each of those running inside their vehicles. So check out the manufacturer guarantee of your water pump.




Experience is of great importance; of course, an experienced manufacturer knows all the intricacies of services and products. An experienced manufacturer never disappoints you: they know what their customers need and how to satisfy them. Check out the company’s experience and certifications, options and specifications before purchasing a water pump.


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Why to choose Dolz instead of any other manufacturers?


Dolz is a European based company that has a set of standards in terms of innovation, efficiency, reliability and sustainability in its worldwide supply solutions that help their partners and customers move water pumps where it needs to be. Dolz offers a wide range of pumps to meet different technical requirements, offering quality solutions for water pumping systems.

Their maximum pump performance is linked to the detailed design of the engine. They use advanced technical resources to achieve the best results in the market. Each of the water pumps is made of high-quality material. The company has made every effort to ensure durable and efficient engineering solutions while maintaining an unrivalled level of efficiency even in the most challenging conditions.

So, if you are going to choose the best water pump company, Dolz is no doubt the best pick!


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