Vehicles and their spare parts have undergone profound transformations as the technology advances, so when selecting a classic water pump, certain information must be available to guarantee the quality and correct choice of the part. This can make the difference in the good performance of the water pump and therefore of the vehicle’s engine.

What exactly are classic car water pumps and how to ensure to pick the right one? From our 90-year experience in the manufacturing of water pumps, at Industrias Dolz we take a look at this essential component of the vehicle and give you the keys to your choice.


modelos clásicos de bombas de agua

What is a classic water pump? Is there a global ranking?


There are no set standards as to what constitutes a classic water pump. However, a classic vehicle is cataloged if it is more than 25 years old from its date of first registration, so as its name suggests it can be defined as opposed to modern water pumps. 

At Industrias Dolz we innovate with the design and manufacture of water pumps always with the latest technology. With an extensive catalog that includes more than 1,300 references and a specific range of water pumps suitable for classic vehicles and trucks: Classic water pumps.

Being classic pumps all those suitable for vehicles prior to 1980.



Choice of manufacturer and distributor of water pumps for classic vehicles, what to consider?


The right classic water pump will boost a vehicle’s performance and extend its life cycle. This is why choosing an adequate partner is essential.

As specialists in the manufacture of water pumps for passenger cars and industrial vehicles, at Industrias Dolz we consider the following characteristics essential to take into account when searching for and selecting spare parts for classic vehicles:

  • Experienced in the sector. A good supplier for classic water pumps is able to provide insight in their work based on previous, decades-long experience. 
  • Able to comply with standards. Complying with the required industry standards is a sign of a competent and trustworthy classic water pump manufacturer & distributor. These include facilities and production processes certified according to ISO 14001:2015 and quality equivalent to original equipment certified according to ISO 9001 (art. 1 Block Exemption Regulation EC 1400/2002).
  • Offers In-house production. This is crucial for supplying automotive parts in the current context. In-house production guarantees continuous production capacities and reduced lead and delivery times. It is also an advantage to guarantee quality products, since they go through different testing phases and unified quality tests.


At Industrias Dolz, we ensure our production processes for water pumps are reliable, perfecting each step and employing high-technology equipment.

  • Technological competence. A company’s capacities for automation and high-tech solutions can also be a good sign when it comes to distributing classic car water pumps, again optimizing their production capabilities.
  • The use of high-quality raw materials. The right classic water pump partner invests in high-quality materials that extend product life cycles and performance. In the case of a classic water pump, this might be directly related to a low density and high corrosion resistance. 


As for the material, the water pumps were originally made of iron, although in the most current vehicles they are usually made of cast aluminum (like the vehicle’s engines).

  • Client-centric processes beyond sales. This means a company is able to provide digitized, personalized communication with their clients, focusing on offering value during all stages of their relationship. For instance, at Industrias Dolz we’ve cared to generate educational content such as video tutorials, interactive e-Catalogues and blog posts so that users receive our professional assistance while going through their own consideration, buying and after-sales processes.



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Industrias Dolz, your safety choice for Classic Water Pumps


At Industrias Dolz we offer a complete range of classic water pumps that includes 80 part numbers.

Our presence in the aftermarket sector dates back to 1934, which allows us to offer the most experienced water pumps on the market, offering constant stock and with presence in the main online catalogs such as TecAlliance (TecDoc, TecCom ) and Sofinn.

Today, our products cover 97% of the European car park and 80% for trucks, being one of the European leaders with presence in more than 70 countries around the world.

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable partner for your classic water pumps, look no further: Contact us our customer service team and check the references you want. All Dolz water pumps are guaranteed.


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