Qualità Totale

Conoscenza ed esperienza al tuo servizio

La costruzione del nuovo stabilimento porterà alla piena automatizzazione del processo produttivo, garantendo controllo completo e maggiore produttività.

Il nostro obiettivo è quello di perfezionare il processo produttivo ad un livello tale da eliminare tutte quelle fasi che possono comportare un rischio per la qualità del prodotto.

In tal modo DOLZ è in grado di offrire ai suoi clienti prodotti che sono costantemente testati durante il processo produttivo. Montaggio, funzionamento, livelli di rumore e perdite sono stati tutti precedentemente testati ai livelli massimi degli standard qualitativi.

DOLZ garantisce anche la qualità dei propri prodotti mediante l’elevato standard dei suoi processi di lavoro.

Ha ottenuto la certificazione ISO 9001 da SGS e ricevuto il Q1 Quality Award dalla FORD MOTOR COMPANY.

Anche Dolz Argentina ha ottenuto la certificazione ISO 9001 V2008 & ISO TS.

Dolz China è certificata ISO 9001 dal 2012.

Politica aziendale

Industrias Dolz S.A., in order that all its activities are oriented towards CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, establishes the following commitment:

Industrias Dolz, exists thanks to its CUSTOMERS, consequently, the policy of Dolz Industries consists in satisfying the needs and expectations of its CUSTOMERS and fulfilling the requirements agreed with them, with the lowest cost and the best service.

For that, the level of service to our CUSTOMERS must be known by all the company, in order to assess their satisfaction.

Our Management System covers the design and manufacture of water pumps and its commercialization with other components for the automotive sector, and is based on the PREVENTION of defects and problems, rather than detection.

Continuous improvement integrates the following cycle, in order to “do the things right at first time”:

Planning > Execution > Evaluation > Standardization

The continuous improvement must be integrated in each job, within all the functions of the Company, from the person responsible for collecting the client’s requirements, to the person in charge of sending the products.

This requires the collaboration and responsibility of all the members of the Company. So that, working as a team, this commitment can be fulfilled.

The competitiveness of Industrias Dolz is absolutely necessary for the Company’s permanence in the market. Therefore, the implemented Management System must move towards the satisfaction of its stakeholders, as well as the global optimization of the Company’s resources.

As a result of these objectives, the Management undertakes to:

  • Be the preferred solution for customers, in the markets where we are present.
  • Fulfill this commitment.
  • Provide the necessary resources.
  • Set annual objectives, derived from this commitment.
  • Ensure compliance, evolution and efficiency, supervising the achievement of the objectives.
  • Strict compliance with applicable requirements, including legal and other assumed.
  • Protect the environment, as well as prevent and control pollution, through the use of processes, practices, materials or products that avoid, reduce or reuse it.
  • Develop the skills of its employees.

Jesús Dolz
General Manager