On June 23 we have made our first DOLZ LIVE event, in which we explained our range of timing belt kits live in Facebook and YouTube.

The initial reason to do this event is that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to be close to our clients, but at the same time physically separated.

That is why the DOLZ team connected to live from different physical locations (Italy and Spain).

More than 80 people connected to it, they were clients and distributors of the Spanish market.

The direct consisted of carrying out an “Unboxing” of the different elements that are inside a box of our timing belt kits with water pump.

As an example, was used a kit for vehicles of the Volkswagen group, and in it you could see the arrangement of its different components, which were:

  • Dayco brand timing belt, brand that we use in all our kits.
  • DOLZ water pump.
  • Pulleys and tensioners, which are marked with our DOLZ-GGT brands.
  • Accessories: which consisted of 3 screws, kit warranty sheet, and sticker to record the kilometers of the vehicle when the mechanic performs the service.

The experience has been very positive and valued in the sector, as numerous publications have published the news:

After the great evaluation of the clients, it will not be the last DOLZ LIVE that the company will do, either changing the theme, or focusing on different markets.