Quality is an essential factor in today’s increasingly competitive markets. In the following article we discuss the Dolz Quality Management System and the constant commitment to continuous improvement of our processes and products.

A demanding quality process that is not only offered in our final product, but also a multi-faceted set of processes that touch on every part of development.



Ways to Ensure Quality Manufacturing


To ensure the total quality of each Dolz product, the commitment of the different departments of the company is necessary. All developed processes must be integrated. Only in this way will we obtain a continuous improvement of the development, design, and manufacture of the product.

Incoming reception, the verification of the first piece or the different follow-up audits, finished product and shipment are some of the different inspection methods applied in manufacturing processes with which we ensure full quality control in 100% of our product ranges. It helps to identify any issues with shortages or damaged goods.

To these techniques we add different tests and procedures. One of them, used in DOLZ water pumps, is the tightness test using a calibrated leak instrument, which automatically detects leaks through pressurized air. A simple and essential process that, with many other factors, become DOLZ water pumps the highest quality on the aftermarket.

This tightness test introduces air at a controlled pressure to the surfaces of the water pump that will be in contact with the coolant for a specified time. After a stabilization period, the air pressure drop is checked to be within the defined tolerances.

This enables the possibility to verify the results and perform other quality controls and protect the final customer from obtaining a defective product.



Proven reliability. 100% tested


Dolz offers its customers a tried-and-tested product for an optimum performance.

Different quality controls are defined in all production stages. All of them, are integral to ensuring success – be it in manufacturing or delivery of services. These are: Aluminium pressure die casting / Product operations (shot blasting, stamping, grinding, etc.) / Machining / Assembly / Packaging.

All this controlled in accordance with the most demanding quality standards, always matching Original Equipment Quality, to ensure that safety, performance and quality are outstanding.

Furthermore, these quality tests involve every stage of the manufacturing process. This helps to identify where a problem is occurring and the corrective steps you require to prevent it in the future.



At DOLZ we are commitment to total quality management


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard verifies the ability of companies to provide quality, products and services that meet the needs of their customers.

All our Dolz factories are ISO Certified. Our plant located in Spain guarantees the quality of its products through work procedures certified under ISO-9001:2015 by SGS and granted the Q1 Quality Award by Ford Motor Company.

With more than 80 years of history, Industrias Dolz is a worldwide leader in manufacturing water pumps for the spare parts industry. With a high commitment to quality, it is one of the few manufacturers that integrate casting process, injection, machining and assembly within its plant. Guaranteeing excellent quality, with <0.05% of guarantee rate.


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