Industrias Dolz launches 14 new references for passenger cars of Audi-VW, Mercedes and Opel brands.

Industrias Dolz continues to expand its range, consolidating its position as an Aftermarket leader, with the launch of its new auxiliary electric water pumps.

For this reason, we are pleased to inform that Industrias Dolz has just launched 14 new references of auxiliary pumps, which are already available. All of them are electric and their functionality is cooling of the cabin.

These water pumps have been designed following the experience of original manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes or Audi to offer greater comfort in the vehicle, while maintaining a constant temperature.

Thanks to the electrification of vehicles, these pumps have led to other utilities such as the cooling of batteries in Hybrid and Electric cars, a current trend in the market.

Industrias Dolz offers a complete range which it will expand this year, that together with its 90 years of experience in the water pump manufacturing sector, we guarantee our clients the best solutions, providing quality, service and innovation.

Industrias Dolz manufactures each year more than 5.5 million water pumps for passenger cars, industrial vehicles and distribution kits, distributing them in more than 70 countries. More than 90% of the global turnover derives from exports, which denotes the high degree of internationalization.