Industrias Dolz launches its new range of thermostats attached to water pumps, for passenger cars of BMW, Land-Rover y Opel.

CASTELLON MARCH 15th, 2021. Industrias Dolz continues to expand its range, consolidating its position as an Aftermarket leader, with the launch of its new thermostats attached to water pumps.

For this reason, we are pleased to inform that Industrias Dolz has just launched 6 new thermostat references, which are already available. All of them are mounted on the water pump, being an essential part in the cooling system.

Also, we launched the Kit thermostat with the water pump. Being 7 new references available on the market.

The thermostat is a vital component of a car’s cooling system. Its main function is to ensure that an engine is always operating at its optimum temperature. Different manufacturers may use different types of configurations.

In this case, the thermostats that Dolz launches on the market are thermostats with their plastic housing that mount directly on the water pump. They are in charge of controlling and directing the flow of the cooling system towards the radiator, when cooling the engine is required. The mechanism for both opening and closing is based on a viscous resin that reacts to changes in the temperature of the coolant, activating the opening and closing position of the thermostat.

Industrias Dolz produces each year over 5.5 million water pumps for cars, industrial vehicles and distribution kits distributing them in more than 70 countries across the world. More than 90% of the global turnover derives from exports, which denotes the high degree of internationalization.