In previous posts we saw how to navigate and explore Dolz products in the TecDoc Catalog (TecAlliance), this time we explore TecCom Order Manager, a platform with order automation where you can purchase your Dolz products in a simple and intuitive way with such just one click.



What is TecCom?


TecCom Order is Europe’s leading B2B platform for order processing in the automotive aftermarket. With global presence and available in 22 languages, TecCom has more than 280 parts manufacturers and over 35,000 wholesalers worldwide.

It is a tool for parts distributors, workshops, and automotive professionals, widely recognized, which offers the opportunity to automate one hundred percent of the IAM spare parts purchasing process.

It automates the management of orders between the parts manufacturer and the customer allowing the full stages of order processing to be covered, from availability requests of products in real time to processing and electronic invoicing.

Some of its main features and benefits are:

  • Punctual availability of articles.
  • Sending inquiries to the warehouse and management of urgent orders.
  • Optimize your delivery information for all vendor addresses.
  • Management transactions and saving recurring orders as templates.
  • Error rate reduction and parameter optimization.


How to order at TecCom?



Once you get TecCom integration you can place a Dolz order in 3 easy steps:

  1. Registration for the TecCom Portal.
  2. Search and select DOLZ as a partner.
  3. Request & Order process.

When place an order, it can be of the ‘ordinary’ or ‘urgent’ type. If it is urgent, only the quantity that can actually be delivered is confirmed, with delivery being a priority.

Once the order is processed, you can determine the mode of delivery and the currency. In addition, you will have the option to save the shopping cart directly as a favorite for recurring orders that are made regularly.

Besides, there is a TecDoc Catalog button that allows you to directly copy items from the Catalog into the TecCom shopping cart and directly import them.

Our Dolz team will generate a response indicating the availability and status of each item requested.



Which Dolz products can you order directly from TecCom?


On the TecCom Order platform you can find an extensive list of Dolz cooling products and distribution kits such as:

  • Water pumps
  • Timing chain kits.
  • Timing belt kits with & without water pumps.
  • Auxiliary belt drive kits.
  • Thermostats.



About DOLZ


With almost 90 years of knowledge and experience, Dolz is a reliable supplier and manufacturer with presence in more than 70 countries. Our presence in aftermarket sector dates back to 1934 with water pumps, which allows us to offer one of the most experienced ranges of pumps on the market.

Thanks to the experience and commitment of the brand, Dolz products have uncompromising quality, with the latest technological innovation and 100% tested.

For further information on any of our product lines, receive commercial information or technical product specifications (including assembly notes), CLICK HERE.