Industrias Dolz introduces 28 new references to its range of auxiliary electric water pumps, an extension to our range that now includes a total of 70 part numbers.

dolz new references

28 new references that cover the demands of more than 850 vehicle models from brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Ford, Porsche, Jaguar, or Opel.

As engines become more efficient, less excess heat will be produced, the use of these types of water pumps is increasing.

Its main function is to circulate coolant in auxiliary cooling systems. With new vehicles equipped with mild hybrid systems for advanced start-stop, vehicles need auxiliary electric water pumps not only to improve cabin comfort, but also to keep the batteries at a constant temperature.

Industrias Dolz is one of the main manufacturers of water pumps in the aftermarket sector. Thanks to our knowledge and experience of almost 90 years, at Dolz we integrate the latest technology with coordinated planning and flexible production, which allows us to provide our customers with the best service and quality.


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